Wapita, Vax and Mildred – SWTOR Character Backstories

Some new character backstories are up on the website, but beware, these contain spoilers for my SWTOR fan-fiction series. Here is a preview for Wapita, Vax, and Mildred.

Meet a rival Mandalorian who has a thing for the Rattataki Imperial Agent, and the Mandalorian who became a Smuggler before earning his title as clan leader among the Mandalorian Blockade.

Wapita is a Mandalorian from Clan Dargoza who later becomes the clan’s leader. He is human and is introduced early on in the seires. His clan is the rival clan of Clan Kandera. Clan Kandera is Talyc’s clan, who accepted Jedi into its clan. Wapita and Talyc are always at odds, trying to prove their clan the better one. However, the two later come to a truce of sorts and come to respect each other. It takes time to mend bridges, as all rivalries do, but the two eventually get there. After all, they are both Mandalorians and honour their people’s creed. (Continues.)

Vax is a Rattataki, introduced in Story 8 as a new Mandalorian recruit. He has history with Talyc, for they dated many years back before Vax disappeared on him without a trace. In reality, Vax is an Imperial Agent, Cypher Five, which the other characters in the story learn quickly. When Vax is on mission, he joins Clan Dargoza. It is clear that Vax and Wapita have a thing for each other, though it is not expressed until much later in the series. (Continues.)

Mildred is another human Mandalorian, who left Mandalore as a teenager to rebel against his parents’ expectations of him. He joined a group of smugglers and quickly moved up ranks, eventually becoming their captain. But he longed to be back with his people, unable to remove the Mandalorian that lived within him. He had always wanted to be a clan leader, but did not wish to go back to the clan he had once been a part of. (Continues.)

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