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Subscriber Q&A

In this Subscriber Q&A, I, Binky answer all of your questions and talk about: Myself, Dragon Age, Mass Effect, and more.

Can you count how many times I say: “And stuff like that”? I sense a new drinking game on the rise.

Killian’s Deception

All New Follow-up Backstory: Learn who Killian truly is and how he is deceiving the others with a scene from his past.

Killian and Tassanah

Killian’s shuttle landed at the spaceport of Csilla. He had never been before. He’d taken little interest in it or in the Chiss species, but he was an Ambassador for his Lord and their duty was to recruit those powerful in the Force so they could take over the ruling factions of the galaxy.
Killian walked to the holoprojector and hit a few keys. The image of a tall man appeared.
‘Lord Maratel,’ began Killian, ‘I have arrived on Csilla.’
‘I am pleased to hear it, my friend. Our mission is progressing well on my end as well.’
‘I am sure. We will squash the factions who believe themselves to rule this galaxy. We will revive Darth Kromus’s Legacy.’

Read the full scene.

HTH Capsule 24

Binky Productions presents the twenty-fourth, and for now the last, capsule of Healing Through Humour. Inspired by a serious reality, it is an exaggerated and fun caricature to raise awareness about PTSD, anxiety and depression. Today, Mi gets into an argument with another PTSDer.

Remember, if any of you have any questions that you would like openly discussed in more depth, Binky will make a video or two to delve deeper into the subject matter and address your topics of interest there. Feel free to email us at info@binkyproductions.com.

More capsules and more on PTSD at http://www.binkyproductions.com/binkyink/healingthroughhumour

Here is capsule 24. Please share. Let’s raise awareness together.

Healing Through Humour - Capsule 24 Celinka Serre - Binky Productions - Binky Ink

Healing Through Humour – Capsule 24
Celinka Serre – Binky Productions – Binky Ink