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Fan-Fiction Commissions Now Open!

I am now open for Fan-fiction commissions. I have written several short story fics already, some of which were gifts for others. Below you’ll find some excerpts from some of these

Here are the specifications if you’re interested.

  • Fandoms: Dragon Age, Mass Effect, SWTOR.
  • Pairings: F/M, M/M. Canon Sexualities.
  • Sub-genres: Romance, Friendship, Angst, Fluff, Smut, any combination.

More details can be found on the official Fan-Fiction Commissions page.

Here are some excerpts from various Fan-Fiction short stories.

If interested, DM me on Twitter (@binkyprod).

You can find my full repertoire of Fan-fiction short stories here on the website or on Archive Of Our Own.

You can find more Writing, Video and Photo services from Binky Productions and Binky Ink here.

For the Freedom of Life!

“This is not a fight against power; it is not a fight against evil alone.
It is for love that we do this.
It’s a fight about peace; it’s a fight about magic.
It’s a fight to save our friends, our lands, our world.
It’s a fight for the Freedom of Life!”

Screenshot (98).png

When Bahvley Fairhaven spoke these words, little did he know how he had named the war the heroes of Teloria would be fighting.

“For the Freedom of Life!” is a slogan said by many throughout Stardust Destinies, my High Fantasy YA adventure with romance novel series.

I designed T-shirts (among other things). Most recently, the Freedom of Life T-shirt. My sample has come in. Chose mine in green, though it comes in 5 different colours, one colour for each of our main characters.

You can find this T-shirt at this store. Each purchase helps support me and my ability to publish the next installment of Stardust Destinies.

I shall wear my Freedom of Life dragon proudly!



Protectors of the Force Star Wars SWTOR Fan-Fiction Upcoming

Story 7 of the Shadie Star Wars The Old Republic mature fan-fiction series is coming up. The Dramatis Personae is already up and chapters will be coming every Friday throughout Autumn 2021.

Protectors of the Force (Story 7) Official Image – Lian’s Lightsaber clashes against Relsor’s

Relsor attacks Mandalore with the goal of weakening Fane who is destined to destroy him. The True Sith Lord also seeks to kill the great Jedi healer Lian Kloh, who senses his death in the Force. The group of Jedi receive aid from an unlikely source, while Fane prepares himself to face Relsor. This culminates in a grand battle where Relsor and Perce face off against their enemies, and the Jedi and Mandalorians fight to protect their planet.

Taking place in the Old Republic Era, this Star Wars Fan-Fiction features Jedi Shadie / Eidahs, Celinka Serre’s alter ego. With new characters and plot lines, Protectors of the Force is the seventh installment of the novella-type series.

Continue the adventure-romance, and find out if Fane is powerful enough to defeat Relsor and who the Jedi’s dangerous new ally is as the True Sith attack the planet Mandalore for a Force-infused showdown.

Once again, I have created Photoshop cosplay and fanfic images (which will be up shortly) using mostly characters I’ve created in SWTOR to depict the characters in this story.

Keep an eye out for my posts for each chapter and for the images. Better yet, subscribe to the website so you don’t miss anything.

Check out the Official Protectors of the Force page.

Read the list of characters on the Dramatis Personae page.

Catch up on previous Shadie fanfic stories.

Perhaps you’ll also enjoy Stardust Destinies I: Variate Facing; fantasy action-adventure taking place in a realm strong with magic where prophecies are dictated by dragons. https://binkyproductions.com/stardustdestinies

Author Interview on Reading Nook

Reading Nook has hosted me for an Author Interview in the wake of my recent publication of my High Fantasy Young Adult book, Stardust Destinies I Variate Facing.

Here’s a Preview with one of the eleven questions.

4: Do you have a plan in your head of where the story is going before you start writing or do you let it carry you along as you go?

Sometimes I will plan a bit ahead, especially when it comes to filling in plot holes. A lot of the time, however, I had only a main idea, or a general idea of where things are going. I do write notes for certain scenes, or have certain scenes in mind, but then I have to get to that point or make it make sense. Usually what happens is I start writing and the story unfolds as I write. I am the instrument and my hand moves, and I discover the story as it unfolds on the paper in front of me. Sometimes I write dozens of pages and haven’t gotten to that point in the story I was thinking about writing yet.

Read the Full Interview Here!