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Surpassed 1000 Posts on WordPress!

When I originally created this website, I did not know it would become a repertoire of all my work, all my content. I thought I’d just put info about my indie films. I designed the site as best I could, but I was not sharing CONTENT!


When I became a content creator, writing blogs, making videos for YouTube, sharing what I write, I was still struggling with sharing or how to share because I had just enver done it before. I did not know what content to make. I started on YouTube with just a few random parodies.

Once I knew what I wanted to do, and began pursuing that, sharing content became easier. I did not share often, however, because I could only produce so much at a time.

Over time, I have learnt to be efficient in my planning, in my work ethic, and I’ve expanded the content I make. From the various YouTube channels I now have and the podcast, the various topics I like to write about, sometimes exclusively on Steemit regarding Blockchain and cryptocurrencies, all the gaming content I make, the healing content, the fiction and fan-fiction I write, my Photoshop experiments and goals I give myself to learn to be a better Photo Editor, all that is content I like to share.

And on WordPress, I have surpassed 1000 posts. Actually on Steemit too. I actually have a few hundred more on Steemit due to contest in which I’ve participated and some Steemit exclusives that I didn’t necessarily share on WordPress.

That’s a lot of content, that’s a lot of creating, and there is so much more to come and I look forward to sharing it all with you here on WordPress, and on Steemit (or will it be Steemit-Tron now?).

Thank you for viewing/reading/engaging. Knowing there are so many of you out there who enjoy my content warms the heart.

And speaking of wordpress and websites, I’ve been making recent changes to the Home page and other pages, adding images and banners, so if you ahven’T already checked it out, go ahead and let me know what you think.

Thanks again! Looking forward to sharing more with you all!


A Darkness Threatens the Lands

The Mighty Spirit gave birth to her creations with the help of magic. The Stars protect and guide her creations. They are spirits of powerful and magical beings of old. The dragons live between the celestial world and the living world. They see the flux of magic and can perceive the future. They travel between the two worlds through the Portal that lies in their lair at the great mountain of Darakön.

If polcs enter that Portal, they become too powerful, and it is too tempting to control and oppress. Only those who understand magic may go through at the end of their days when they are ready to pass into the realm of the dead. For this, two books exist, and the spell that allows one to the enter the Portal is in two parts within those books.

However, a darkness threatens the lands as the evil lord of Mork, Mirauk, wishes to gain power and control over all beings by entering the Portal himself. His followers have managed to steal the Book of Enchantment, having destroyed most of Teloria, and only the Compliment Book remains safe. He will attack Teloria again. The Great Ocean Valley lies in peril and the only hope is that the Dragon Prophecies come to be reality.

Stardust Destinies I: Variate Facing

Now available in Print and E-book formats.

SDI Ebook Cover (v10.3)

Thank You for Reading!

The journey has barely begun for me, and I just completed my two-week social media run for my newly published book, Stardust Destinies I: Variate Facing.

I would like to thank everyone for encouraging me during this time. Some of you have ordered and purchased a copy of my book, some of you have already begun reading the book yourselves and have offered to write a review online once you’re done. Some of you have come up with more ideas of other activities and places I could be reading for future images. I’ve enjoyed the engagement and participation and all the support I’ve received from everyone.

You can now enjoy all the images from this social media run on the web page I’ve created for those images.

If you haven’t acquired yourself a copy of Stardust Destinies I: Variate Facing yet and would like to, all the details of where and how to buy, anywhere in the world, for both Print and E-book formats are on the official web page.

Thank you for reading folks! May the Stars shine upon you!


Reading in Bed!

My new #book is so much fun to read!

Especially in bed!

14-In Bed (w)

Stardust Destinies I: Variate Facing

#Fantasy #Fiction #Dragons #Magic

Available in Print & E-book formats.

Join the Fight for the Freedom of Life! Discover the Stardust Destinies!