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Updates and Bitcoins

Binky Productions has updated its Services, for those interested in taking a look. We also have a new Service: Photo Editing. You can find a page with all the necessary info, amidst the various other services we continue to offer in video production, screenwriting, editing and post-production. Be sure to check it out, we can edit all sorts of photos and can do a wide range of touch-ups.

You’ll notice another new feature when you happen on our website.

Bit by Bit

Binky Productions now accepts Bitcoins. So you can now pay for services and make donations in Bits and Bitcoins, if that’s your thing.

Reminiscing My Directorial Debut

Long time no blog. Well at least not here. I have been blogging from time to time as a guest blogger. But you could say I’ve been taking things more slowly. Oh, I’ve been writing, I have piles and piles of paper at home, but I’ve been producing less films and making less videos. The reason is that I’m recovering from a burnout and healing from PTSD. It’s become quite a relief to be able to speak so openly about these things. There is nothing to worry about though because I have not stopped doing ANY of the things I love doing. I have simply slowed down a bit.

What does that mean?

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Photo Editing

New Page! Showcasing our Photo Editing skills.

Special thanks go to Maral Baroque, Amanda Amato Media Services and Cleopatra Boudreau for their wonderful images to add to my portfolio.

Boxing Week 2 for 1 special still going on until December 30th inclusively.
Hint: You can reserve the special now and set a date for me to deliver the edited image later on in January. If I’ve got the images to work on before the 30th, the special is valid 😉

Try The Force, Link!

Binky has joined a fantastic team of bloggers on PopOptiq.com and will be blogging about gaming (on the most part), from games, to consoles, reviews, opinions, music, fan-made character backstories, crossover ideas and much much more. You will find it regularly at http://www.popoptiq.com.

Binky’s First Blog is up and is entitled: TRY THE FORCE, LINK!

You can read it here. http://www.popoptiq.com/try-the-force-link/

Binky even had fun in Photoshop to give Link a lightsaber. Let us know what you think.

Good reading!