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Jedi Solas vs Sith Dread Wolf

Another fun thing I did for SolavellanDAy, a simple Photoshop photo edit really, for some Dragon Age Star Wars cross-over, was to showcase Solas vs the Dread Wolf as a Jedi vs a Sith.

I took concept art, changed a few elements, moved a few others, mirrored with the Sith colours, added lightsabers and in the Jedi side, light side energy, and on the Sith side, dark side lightning.

It’s fun to play around in Photoshop like that.

Jedi Solas vs Sith Dread Wolf

Darth Lahnius, Fane’s Brother (Photoshop for Star Wars SWTOR Fan-Fiction)

This character is a bit of a throwback, since he last appeared in Story 1 of my Star Wars Fan-Fiction SWTOR stule, Old Republic era story. Darth Lahnius was a powerful apprentice to Darth Kromus. He was ordered to destroy Shadie and at the end of their duel (spoilers) Shadie stabbed him with her lightsaber and left him for dead as the cave around them crumbled. She and her friends got out of there ASAP.

If you’ve read the series stories (uploaded thus far there are 5, though I have written a lot more), you’ve learnt that Lahnius was Fane’s brother, Fane who was a Jedi and avenged his brother’s death with an unfortunate dip to the dark side before his exile to Mandalore.

At the time, I did not have an image for Lahnius, my Photoshop skills were not up to par. In a few years, I have no doubt I will be able to do even more to depict my characters. It happened I wanted to experiment with creating Dark Side Corruption. Darth Lahnius, at this time, has mild Dark Side Corruption.

Having siblings of my own, and being constantly told we look alike, aside from a few features that are different, I chose to use the face of Fane to create my Lahnius. I use an Inquisitor from Dragon Age: Inquisition for Fane’s face. I took a screenshot where he looks like an angrier and gruffier version of himself.

In Photoshop, I removed freckles, added blemishes, added dark streaks on his face, coloured in the corruption with a teal and purple hue and then with black. I also darkened the eyes, hair, eye lashes, brows, lips. I would have liked to spike the hair up a bit, but it’s not detrimental to the transformation to make this face look more like Lahnius would look.

Of course, I also put him in Sith gear, with a lightsaber.

I’ve also finally added Chapter Headers to Story 1. It was the only story where I did not have any. I’m glad I’ve done that, it feels more organised to begin a chapter with a header.

Let me now your thoughts on Lahnius. As always, I’m open to feedback. I do have a version with even more corruption on his face, but that will be for a later date.

These images were created for my Star Wars The Old Republic Fan-fiction story, Lady of the Crypt, story 5 in the Darth Shadie / Jedi Eidahs series.

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Fixing Old Family Photos in Photoshop!

I’ve been working on some old family photos, retouching them in Photoshop. One example is a large group photo from the late 1940’s.

This is the fixed up photo, in the way my client preferred.

Exemple Spots et Scratch enlevé avec Ajustement de Noir et Blanc de plus (Option 2)

Old Family Photo AFTER (Celinka Serre)

The original (below) shows multiple spots from old spills, other spots, a scratch, and it is somewhat faded as the photo itself is not in actual Black & White, but more of a Sepia print of the photo.

Exemple avec spots AVANT

Old Family Photo BEFORE (Celinka Serre)

When comparing the two, you can notice the various differences.

You will find more Before and After photos, as well as other types of Photoshop services I provide at the Photo Editing Services page.

Which Is The Original?

I’ve recently been working a lot more with Photoshop and adding more skills to my list of what I am capable of doing as a Photo Editor. Changing the colour of items is now part of it.

Can you guess which car is the original?

Cars & Colours

For anyone interested in my services as a Photo Editor, I can do various touch-ups to perfect your pictures (wedding pictures, modelling stills, Head Shots, Cosplay photos, publicity and promotional images, real estate images, merchandise, etc.).

The touch-ups I do include: balance colour and light (overall and in isolated areas), adjust over-exposure / low exposure, whiten teeth, lighten eyes (for a natural look as well as for a more fantastical effect), remove blemishes, fix eye brows, remove stray hairs, unify skin and tone, remove piercings, adjust backgrounds (removing unwanted distractions or shadows), etc. We can also remove subjects from backgrounds, change the colour of an item in your photo, and a number of other various adjustments to enhance a photo. The list of what I can do to enhance images grows every day.

I can also add some special effects in your images, such as lightning and lightsabers, which can highly enhance your cosplay photos.

To view more examples of some of my photo edit work, feel free to visit the official service page: https://binkyproductions.com/about/videoproductionwritingservices/photoediting/

Or contact me via e-mail (info@binkyproductions.com) to inquire more about my services.