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Protectors of the Force Chapter Two (Star Wars SWTOR Fan-Fiction)

The Jedi, Mandalorians, and Usharr hurried into the briefing room where Mandalore stood waiting.  Several clan leaders and other members of clans sat in the large room, the pirates among them.  Zaereg waved a hand as he looked up at them. 
            Talyc marched right up to Mandalore, his breath sounding heavy.  Shadie had a stern look and Usharr was whispering with Fane.  Knarf looked around, he saw Wapita farther away in the room.
            ‘Mandalore,’ said Talyc, ‘Dargoza is dead.’
            ‘So I have been told.’  Mandalore looked at Talyc carefully, taking a step towards him.  ‘Wapita told me to ask you what happened.  I hear there was a duel.  Did you kill Dargoza, Talyc?’
            ‘No.  Jassahmi killed Dargoza.’  Mandalore’s eyes narrowed.  Talyc continued.  ‘Relsor is on Mandalore.  And he’s not alone.’
            Mandalore seemed to take this in, then nodded slowly.  Knarf eased his way next to his friend. 
            ‘Talyc has been very brave, Mandalore,’ he said.  ‘That fight could have gone many ways of wrong.’
            ‘Thank you,’ said Mandalore.  ‘I need a moment.’
            ‘You okay?’ Knarf asked Talyc, sensing unease.
            ‘Not now, Knarf!’ snapped Talyc. 
            ‘Easy there, my friend.  It’s okay, we’re safe now.’
            ‘No, we’re not,’ said Talyc.  ‘No one is safe.  And it’s all down to you lot.’  He motioned the other Jedi.  ‘Had your master not come to us, had Kelbourn not agreed, had Mandalore not agreed, had we not taken you on and hired you and become your friends, Mandalore would be safe right now.’
            Knarf took a step towards Talyc.   ‘Look, this isn’t the time to play the blaming game, Talyc,’ he said.  ‘No one in this galaxy is safe, regardless of where any of us would be.  Don’t go blaming me, or my Lady, or Fane, for any of this.’
            ‘You know what, whatever.  I’ve had more than I can handle right now.’  Talyc walked away.
            Knarf shook his head in disbelief.  ‘What is wrong with Talyc, all of a sudden?’
            ‘It’s the dark side,’ said Usharr.  Knarf turned to face the old man.  ‘Your friend is being influenced by the dark side.  I could sense it on our way, seeping into him more and more.  And now it finally manifests itself.’  Usharr shook his head.  ‘He does not possess the Force to counter it or utilise it in the manner you or I could, Sith or Jedi.’
            ‘But he was all loved up with Fane just minutes ago!’ Knarf gestured the way they had come.
            ‘The adrenaline that still courses through his body and the fear can be manipulated and transformed into anger and despair,’ said Usharr.
            ‘So you reckon Relsor is attacking Talyc’s emotions because he can’t affect us?’
            ‘Perhaps.’  Usharr shrugged.  Knarf looked at Fane, who was standing next to Talyc, trying to reassure him.  They were holding hands, though Talyc looked miles away and Fane looked like Knarf felt times ten.
            ‘This is not good.’  Knarf looked at Shadie.  She took his hand and squeezed gently.  He turned his attention back to Mandalore.
            ‘We must prevent Relsor’s powers from overwhelming us,’ said Mandalore.  ‘If he is planetside, then we have bigger problems than superlasers.  Now that the blockade matter is taken care of, any ideas on how to weed out our enemy?’
‘He has clearly attacked our planet,’ said Emerick.  ‘Do we not have allies who can aid us?  Call the Fat Momma back down here or something, call on favours in other systems.’
            ‘Chancellor Emain is due to return my call shortly,’ said Mandalore.  ‘He will aid us, I know it.  Jedi Fane, you have a connection with our enemy, can you sense his location?’
            Fane shook his head.  ‘He’s hiding in the Force.’
            ‘That is not good,’ Knarf said again.
            ‘Then there’s only one other thing we can do,’ said Shadie.  ‘Call Tython.’
            Mandalore nodded.  He punched in a few keys and waited.  Nothing happened.  ‘Blast it!’
            ‘Perce!’ Knarf said emphatically. He took a calming breath.  ‘Allow me.’  He got straight to slicing.  When he was done, he punched in the keys again.  ‘It should work now.’
            ‘Wrong again!’ the holoimage of Perce appeared on the viewscreen.  ‘All communications on Mandalore have been looped and sliced in all sorts of wonderful ways.  I doubt you’ll be able to slice it this time, Knarf.’
            Relsor came into view.  ‘Mandalore will burn.’  The Chiss smiled.  ‘No one can stop me now.’  The screen went dark and silence befell the entire room.

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Protectors of the Force Prologue + Chapter 1 (Star Wars SWTOR Fan-Fiction)

A couple of weeks after Shadie and Knarf’s wedding.

The Sphere touched down on the ice near a series of cavernous winding tunnels.  There was a snowstorm brewing and the wind had picked up.  Thankfully, the Jedi had brought extra garb for the occasion. After all, the Chiss planet of Csilla was hardly a vacation resort, and for obvious reasons.
            ‘This is the place where I met your friend,’ said Fane, stepping out of the Sphere.>
            ‘He sure knows how to pick his spots,’ said Knarf.  He put his helmet on. 
            Shadie placed her scarf up higher on her face.  ‘Lucky barves,’ she muttered under her breath.  She was only slightly annoyed.
            ‘If you want armour of your own, Shadie, just say the word,’ said Talyc.  ‘The environment regulators are the finest in the galaxy.’
            Shadie winced as a gust of wind hit her in the face, sending snow dust into her eyes.
            ‘I’ll consider it.’  She looked at Fane, who was already making his way towards one of the tunnels.
            ‘Down through here,’ he said.
            They followed Fane down the tunnel, away from the storm, and into the safety of the caves.  After descending a bit, they approached a door.  Feeling an inviting nudge in the Force, Shadie slowly opened it.
            Within the room stood a man; his back was to them. He was dressed in warm garb and cloaked with a dark cape and hood.  When he turned around, he wore a smile on his face and spoke in a warm voice.
            ‘Shadie.  At last, we meet again.’
            Shadie was surprised to see the old man’s face, yet a feeling of fondness came over her.
            ‘Master Usharr!’  She had once hated the man, but he had helped her, and she had only hated him because Kromus had poisoned her against him.  ‘I thought you were dead.’
            Usharr shook his head.  ‘I disappeared and hid my presence in the Force. I tried to find Kromus’s Holocron.’  He paused.  ‘It is good to see you. Even if you are now a Jedi, I can sense the passion within you.  It pleases me to know you have not forgotten my teachings.’
            ‘I could never forget them, even after Kromus turned me against you.  I have taken what I learnt at the academy and combined it with what Master Juun Kloh taught me.’
            ‘So you know this man quite well then?’ said Talyc.
            ‘He was the Head Master of the Sith Academy on Korriban for a time,’ said Shadie. 
            She walked to Usharr and gave him a hug, which was received with warmth.
            ‘Times have changed greatly. The Force, I can feel, is in need of healing, and I fear the Sith cannot achieve this feat without the help of Jedi,’ said Usharr.  ‘I feel animosity must end.’
            ‘What do you propose?’ asked Knarf, crossing his arms.  ‘The Sith Empire has aligned itself with the True Sith.’
            ‘I have a friend on the Dark Council; I may yet find a way for the Sith to help you.’

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Chapter Eleven & Epilogue – Healers of the Force (Star Wars SWTOR Fan-Fiction)

Shadie focused her energy in looking as Sith-like as she could. She had fooled Kromus once before, Knarf had fooled Relsor and Darth Gourd. She could convince Relsor she was Darth Shadie for more than mere minutes. After all, she had once been Sith.
            Relsor and Perce entered the room and motioned the hallway.
            ‘Come with us, Shadie,’ said Relsor.
            This was it, Shadie would find out why Relsor wanted her to summon Kromus, she’d learn another cryptic secret, and she would leave this place. The Force was in motion, and she could feel it.
            Shadie clipped her lightsaber to her belt. She took a quick look around the room, making sure she had everything she needed: comlinks, datapad, anything she had come here with. It was all secure on her person. She stood tall and followed the two True Sith lords out.        Shadie was escorted to the command chamber that also served as a viewscreen room. A number of True Sith and Sith stood nearby. She recognised a few of them by now: one who wore a hood and mask, another with many face tattoos, another who looked more Jedi than Sith-like. Shadie noticed that Jassahmi was not present.
            Trylia stood close to the centre of the room, waiting. She clocked her eyes towards Shadie and nodded.
            ‘What is this?’ asked Shadie.
            ‘It is time for the grand debate and for me to prove myself to Trylia,’ said Relsor. ‘She will obviously choose me over that pathetic Jedi friend of yours, but I decided to humour her and to allow him to speak his case.’
            ‘This is not what you need me for,’ said Shadie. ‘I demand that you show me so I can make good use of my powers.’
            ‘Patience, Darth Shadie,’ said Perce. ‘We simply need the others to arrive first.’
            The Sith Awgro, whom Shadie had let live, arrived with Brenum, who had both his lightsabers clipped to his belt. He looked wary.
            ‘We only await one more.’ Relsor motioned the doorway, from where Knarf arrived. Knarf walked cautiously into the room. He wore his beskar armour; his helmet was clipped to his belt, as was his lightsaber. ‘I am glad you are here, Knarf.’
            ‘I admit, I was unsure why I was all of a sudden out of your trap and allowed to leave my cell.’
            ‘I was hoping you would sense my request,’ said Relsor.
            ‘I am here now. I took the liberty to don my armour on.’ Knarf looked at Brenum. ‘Should things get out of hand again, I will be prepared to fight properly this time.’
            ‘So will I,’ replied Brenum. His voice was threatening, though Shadie knew to whom his threat was actually directed, even though Brenum was looking directly at Knarf as he spoke.
            Perce chuckled. ‘Settle down now and remain calm.’
            ‘Oh, I am very calm, Perce.’ There was menace in Knarf’s voice.
            Perce took a seat at his usual spot, next to the command chair and motioned Relsor forward.

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Chapter Ten – Healers of the Force (Star Wars SWTOR Fan-Fiction)

Warning: The following chapter contains mature subject matter, which may be triggering to some readers. Reading discretion is advised.

Shadie cleared her mind and sent her thoughts as an imprint in the Force to the others; it would soon be time. She wanted Brenum and Trylia to remain vigilant. She also sent a brief thought to the Sphere. Now with everyone allowed to be in their cells without any stasis holding them in place, it would be easier to gather what they needed when the time came.
            A monitor in Shadie’s cell came on. She looked up and her heart sank when she saw Knarf in stasis in his cell. She sighed; Relsor had trapped Knarf, probably to punish him for previously disobeying his orders. It didn’t matter, it was a minor setback. They would find a way to free Knarf. In fact, Shadie could use her powers now and go free him this very moment.
            Shadie marched to the door of her cell and gathered her arms close to her and used the Force to try to open it. Instead, a bolt of dark side energy flew towards her; she bounced back. She tried again, and again she was blasted with dark side energy emanating from the door itself. Shadie cursed under her breath; Relsor had set a very nifty trap for her, getting out would require more effort than anticipated.
            She tried focusing with the Force and found that every time she did, she felt ill and dizzy. She tried to use the Force to heal herself, to ease the malady she felt, but it only worsened. She extended her senses and realised that her entire cell felt like it was coated in the Force, coated with the malady of Relsor’s being. This was recent, this had been done the moment the holomonitor had powered on.
            Shadie hated feeling sick, but she would be sick before she gave up on freeing her husband-to-be.

* * *

            Relsor entered Trylia’s cell, his Force energy felt invigorated, determined, yet calm. Trylia braced herself; she wanted to try to reach the part of Relsor that was vulnerable again, but she knew there would undoubtedly be much resistance from him. Trylia wanted to be his friend, she wanted to help him. 
            ‘Relsor, please, let’s talk.’
            ‘I cannot.’ His tone was apologetic. He extended his hand for her to take, keeping the other behind his back. She took it. ‘You will be pleased to know that I have made a sacrifice for you. I have sent away the only other person who fuelled remotely a bit of my passion. Jassahmi and I are no more but a lord and his follower. She will no longer be a problem.’
            ‘Was she another who could understand you?’
            ‘Yes, and no. Not like you. No one has ever penetrated my personal defences thus, and succeeded, and whom I did not kill for doing so.’
            ‘I guess that makes me lucky.’ Trylia smiled. ‘Or foolish.’ Relsor smiled back at her and she saw in him something she had seen in Shadie when they had first met: the longing of something to fill a void inside a heart that had been hurt, and the beginnings of a deep friendship. Trylia knew Relsor was not Shadie and that he could never turn to the light side, not unless he needed to. ‘You see, I can get you to feel those nice emotions that are of the light side.’
            ‘My dear, some emotions are not of the light side nor of the dark side, they merely exist.’

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