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A Compendium of Orlesian Characters

I have created an photo gallery of the screenshots and images of me as all the various characters whose roles I protrayed in my series of videos reenacting plays from Dragon Age codex entries, titled: A Compendium of Orlesian Characters.

You will find Magister Pellina, King Drakon, dukes, assassins, elves, nobles, both living and dead characters, and more.

Please enjoy browsing these images at your leisure on the official photo gallery page.

Pictures Galore Overhaul!

The Picture Galore page, the page with the links to all the photo galleries on my website, has had a major overhaul. It was way overdue too.

Previously, text didn’t align with the images and everything was weird and felt disorganised. I was not able to pinpoint what I needed to do to fix it.

Instead of trying to cram three images and links per line, I decided to make it a big scroll, but it feels more organised this way. Not only that, I’ve got blurbs to describe the photo “album” beside each link. Photos link to the albums as well as the title of the album in the gallery too.  And I’ve listed the years for each album, so if you’re looking for something from a specific time, there you have it. A repertoire of images organised in a slightly more orderly fashion.

Come have a look!

Super Moon Viewed From The Plane!

Yesterday, while the plane back from Acapulco, Mexico, was coming into Quebec, we got to see the Super Moon while still above (more or less) the clouds. I’ve never had this opportunity before, since I don’t fly often and will not fly again for a while.


This first one (above), I kept the brighter setting on to catch the luminosity of the moon as we could see it. I love the effect it gave. This is raw, no adjustments or filters, nothing done in Photoshop. This effect is completely natural, taken with my Canon Powershot SX730 HS. I love how there is a nice ring around the moon, a beautiful aura that elongates on one side. And I’m glad that the camera focused primarily its attention on the moon and not the window. I’m sure taken from outside a plane would give better results, but that would require supernatural abilities hehehe

Continue reading and view more images on Steemit.

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A new page has been added to the website, featuring all my professional credentials. With a short bio, some features images and posters from projects, the credentials page includes Writer credits, Producer credits, Director credits, Actor credits, and a few other credits as well.

DSC_2195 copy copy

Celinka Serre – Author Photos (by Michel Cojan)

All recent projects such as Steem Monsters and Pathogen, as well as older projects, such as Broken and Compiling.tv, as well as upcoming projects such as Stardust Destinies, are included in these credentials. With links leading to each page for each projects, and jump links to each section of the page, it is a comprehensive, easy to follow page that includes all professional credentials.

Come check it out.