Protectors and Oppressors (SWTOR Fanfic Photoshop Experiments)

Storimbu is the leader of the remnants of the Followers of Kromus who seeks a new purpose. He appears in Story 10 first, and becomes the leader of the Protectors of the Force. He is most often accompanied by the unnamed Kaleesh, Drashdae, the Sith Pureblood, and Kafter, the yellow Twi’lek.

Storimbu’s character model is my character from SWTOR named Alagos, which means Lightning in Sindarin. Alagos and Storimbu both are lightning sorcerers. I created character models in SWTOR for Drashdae and Kafter both, and used a Kaleesh companion to depict Kaleesh. Then, I simply placed them on the background screenshot of the Sith Academy on Korriban.

Storimbu Accompanied by Kaleesh, Drashdae, and Kafter (from Trials in the Force, Story 10, Star Wars Fan-Fiction by Celinka Serre)

Here are Awgro and Mar Dalkars, character models also from SWTOR, alsto easily placed o a background.

While these images may have been the simplest, it still required adjusting the lighting and colour of each character to fit the background, along with the usual border of light around the character. Doing this used to be a challenge, and I’m glad that it is now a very simple matter for me to put together such images to bring my characters to life.

Awgro and Mar Dalkars (from Trials in the Force, Story 10, Star Wars Fan-Fiction by Celinka Serre)

As always, I’m open to feedback.

These images were created for my Star Wars The Old Republic Fan-fiction story, Trials in the Force, Story 10 in the Protectors of the Force series.

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