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Which Is The Original?

I’ve recently been working a lot more with Photoshop and adding more skills to my list of what I am capable of doing as a Photo Editor. Changing the colour of items is now part of it.

Can you guess which car is the original?

Cars & Colours

For anyone interested in my services as a Photo Editor, I can do various touch-ups to perfect your pictures (wedding pictures, modelling stills, Head Shots, Cosplay photos, publicity and promotional images, real estate images, merchandise, etc.).

The touch-ups I do include: balance colour and light (overall and in isolated areas), adjust over-exposure / low exposure, whiten teeth, lighten eyes (for a natural look as well as for a more fantastical effect), remove blemishes, fix eye brows, remove stray hairs, unify skin and tone, remove piercings, adjust backgrounds (removing unwanted distractions or shadows), etc. We can also remove subjects from backgrounds, change the colour of an item in your photo, and a number of other various adjustments to enhance a photo. The list of what I can do to enhance images grows every day.

I can also add some special effects in your images, such as lightning and lightsabers, which can highly enhance your cosplay photos.

To view more examples of some of my photo edit work, feel free to visit the official service page: https://binkyproductions.com/about/videoproductionwritingservices/photoediting/

Or contact me via e-mail (info@binkyproductions.com) to inquire more about my services.

Colour-Correction (Color Grading)

Another updated service, though this one is pretty much the same as it was before. Here are the details as indicated on my website.

Adjust light. Correct Colour. Perfect your video image!

Colour-Correction, also known as Color Grading, is an important part of Video Post-Production. Even with the best lighting equipment on set and a white balance at every shot/angle change, in the final edit of your video or film, each clip’s light and colour will require some adjustment. Making the video image balanced at every shot so the audience eye perceives no changes in light or colour as they watch, is one of the things that we do best. Correcting color and light to perfection!


We don’t stop at video. We have expanded our skill for images as well, using Adobe Photoshop to not only correct colour and light, but to balance out and enhance, remove blemishes, whiten teeth, etc. Learn more about our Photo Editing Services here.

Based in the larger Montreal area (Quebec, Canada), Binky Productions also offers this service overseas, using Google Drive to send files.

For more information and/or a quote: info@binkyproductions.com.

You can view a demo that was done a few years back here.

The Importance of Being Well Lit

This week on Binky’s Blog, Binky shares an experience involving filming at night and what they did to better a scene without any professional lighting equipment, as well as give some advice on how to avoid mishaps in these circumstances.

“Last weekend, we drove down to the country side in Ontario, on the border of Quebec, to film some scenes that needed to look somewhat medieval (for a fundraiser/trailer and for the geek programmer web series Compiling.tv). We had no problem for our day scenes, not even any shadow off-setting the sun to worry about. It was cloudy, so the light was consistent everywhere, at all times. All that was needed to do was lower the exposure on the camera. However, there was a scene at night, and (given that it was for the fundraiser, so we had no funds yet to pay for the appropriate LED spotlights that are good to light up a scene at night) it required some problem solving.”

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Image – Green = Magenta?

This week on Binky’s Blog, Binky talks about the importance of, and a good way to develop the sill, colour-correction.

“That’s right. When you enter the world of colour-correction and RGB, balancing light and colour in an image, the rules of colour we thought we knew don’t apply. Needless to say, although time consuming and at times confusing, it is a necessary part of video post-production. It allows one’s video to be, well, balanced out.

When you’re on set, you can have all the necessary lighting equipment, do all your white balances properly, yet when you’ve edited your video, the light and colour changes from shot to shot. This is normal. We cannot fully control light and colour on set. In a perfect world, it would be automatic and there would be no need for this task. Which is why people like Binky Productions and other companies offer this service. It’s okay if you don’t have the patience for it, and if you do, and you want to understand more or learn it altogether, then you’ve come to the right blog.”

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