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Here Lies The Abyss Bitcoin Parody (Dragon Age Inquisition)

A parody of a short clip from my gameplay of “Here Lies the Abyss” in Dragon Age: Inquisition, where I depict the current state of various Crypto Currencies (not financial advice, by the way). So, Inquisitor Maxwell Trevelyan is Bitcoin, Cassandra is Bitcoin Cash, Cole is Steem, Dorian is Litecoin, Clarel is Ethereum, Hawke is NEO, and Alistair is Dash. I hope you all enjoy this silly Dragon Age Bitcoin parody.

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Bitcoin vs Bitcoin Cash – My Preferred Fork + Silly Cat Meme

You can’t get better than that: BTC AND cat meme!

The whole Bitcoin vs Bitcoin Cash debacle was still very confusing to me and I still don’t understand why some people will run out shouting and holding up pitch forks in regards to their preferred Satoshi.

Since crypto has become more important to me and a more central, although decentralised, part of my life (See what I did just there?) I decided to research more on the matter.


So, the original plan according to the roadmap by Satoshi Nakomoto was going to be altered by the implementation of the SeWit2x system (whatever that actually is, which I read about but cannot put into my own words at this hour) and…

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Updated Contribution Links and Ways to Contribute

Hello everyone! I wanted to let you all know that I have updated my website to make it easier to contribute, since some of you who have been asking about it. Several of you have either commented on YouTube or Steemit regarding being able to make contributions more easily. Therefore, I’ve updated my links and created a page where you can access it all in one place.

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Thank you again everyone! It truly feels a blessing to know many of you wish to contribute and support me, be it through donations or a simple upvote on Steemit. I truly am grateful!

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How to Teach Your Child the Alphabet Crypto Style (Crypto Alphabet)

Just a fun way to teach the alphabet to your kids when you’re a Crypto enthusiast. It’s also a fun way to find out some of the more popular cryptos out there if you’Re new to crypto currency. It’s not just Bitcoin or Litecoin, there are some pretty interesting named ones, and there are a lot more than just the ones I say. So let’s have fun because C is for Crypto XD

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