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Forward Fast Indiegogo Now Live


Binky Productions has just launched the Indiegogo campaign for the short film Forward Fast. The film is a fun reflective short about Autism and has as goal to spread awareness.

The film follows a young man living his life at normal speed while everything and everyone around him is in fast forward, who just wants to be accepted for who he is. Starring Danny MAlin, Otto Szabo, Anabella Hart and featuring Corey Tomicic and Celinka Serre.

Join the movement and donate to this wonderful film! Our goal is to reach $1500. We have lots of good perks (shout-outs, digital poster, DVD, thank you video, Sponsor title and promo package, Associate Producer title…) Even a small donation will make a big difference.

Visit our Indiegogo page and contribute today!


Forward Fast Indiegogo for Feb 2nd

What if different isn’t wrong? Binky Productions will be launching its Indiegogo Fundraising campaign for ‘Forward Fast’, the fun reflection short film about Autism, inspired by my brother, who has Asperger’s Autism. Our goal is to spread awareness about Autism. And your contribution can have a big impact on achieving this goal.

The film follows a young man living his life at normal speed, in a world where everything and everyone around him is in fast forward, who just want to be accepted for who he is.

We have a variety of interesting perks for all types of contributors, which includes: a digital poster, DVD of the film, personalized Thank You video, Associate Producer title, to name a few. Our total monetary goal is of $1500 to pay for Audio Post-Production, music, festival submissions, IMDB listing, among a few other important aspects of post-production.

Be among the first to donate to this wonderful film and be part of the movement to spread awareness about Autism. We launch on Monday February 2nd.  Lock in your donation by simply emailing us your interest to donate, and on launch day, we will send you the direct link to the campaign, which has all the details (budget, perks, video, images) that you can share with others who believe in this cause and who enjoy contributing to indie films. Even a small donation counts as a lot.

Let’s move forward fast together!

info@binkyproductions.com with subject ‘’Forward Fast Donation’’

Character Log 2

New Character Log by the Elf Captain. For the Fantasy web series “Sapphire Prophecies”.

“I have been observing the greater roads from a distance. There is much traffic of Lord Beryl’s armies. His search has no doubt begun, word of the prophecies have no doubt reached his ears. Rumors have it that there is a contradictory prophecy. I pray that the Emerald Eye remain safe. Whoever this mage seer is, whether he or she is born yet or not, the Emerald Eye is our only hope.

I have seen Lord Beryl’s magic first hand. I was very lucky to escape. I can only hope Lord Beryl has turned away from the Elves for good, now that he is bent on finding the Emerald Eye.”

Read the full Log.

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Character Logs are here!

Introducing Character Logs for ‘Sapphire Prophecies’, the all new fantasy web series by Binky Productions. Entering Pre-production and organizing several fundraising events, including an online campaign, the Character Logs are a great way to learn more about the series and the characters involved.

Log 1 – by LORD BERYL

It is becoming difficult to concentrate. I am greatly worried by these so-called Sapphire Prophecies. Why couldn’t the elves remain hidden away in their forests and caves. Why did they have to meddle with my plans. It takes power to rule, it takes cunning. I am the only true leader of these lands and whether they like it or not, they will fall to my rule. They cannot hide from me forever.

But these prophecies change everything, and give these meaningless people what they call hope. I will make them bow down to me and those who refuse shall die! Their lands shall burn.

Read the full log: https://binkyproductions.wordpress.com/web-series/sapphireprophecies/character-logs/

Help support the series here: http://igg.me/p/450631/x/1713128