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Pathogen Full Movie Now Up!

Thank you to those who came by to watch the Premiere of my indie short film Pathogen.

If you missed it, you can watch the Full Movie at any time now.

You can head over to the Celinka Serre channel or watch right here. http://youtube.com/CelinkaSerre

Pathogen Official Trailer

Jim has lost and suffered much at the hands of humanity.  In revenge, he vows to remedy his sickened past by purging the future with a pathogen which he created.  However, as the fate of humanity rests in his hands, he struggles with the inner conflict between his desire for revenge and his morality.  His accomplice, Aurik, seems to have other plans, as he contemplates the dissemination of the pathogen.

In this Pre-Apocalyptic short film, in this conflict between morality and pathology, the annihilation of one, humanity or pathogen, is irrefutably inevitable.

Pathogen – Indie short film Completed!

The Disclaimer at the end of the film states that any resemblances to actual people and events are purely coincidental. Given the topic of this #indiefilm, I HOPE that there are NO resemblances at all. If there are, we are all in grave danger of a Pathogen! 😁🤔😮

Directed by Danny MAlin, written and produced by me, Celinka Serre. Starring Alexander Gravenstein and Sofian Lahyanssa, with the voice of Krista Barzso, and crewmen Philippe Bourret and Robert Verret.

The film is now complete! It will be submitted to the Fantasia Festival on the 15th of October (its opening date for submissions) as the first festival to which it will be submitted.

Check out the official web page. An IMDB page is in the works.

Pathogen Poster Official

Forward Fast accepted by Autism Canada

Binky Productions is very pleased to announce that ‘Forward Fast’ is going to be showcased by the organisation Autism Canada. This means to over 10 000 Facebook followers and over 4000 emails to subscribers of their newsletter.

Autism Canada organises fundraisers, has resources to help families with Autistic children, holds conferences to raise awareness about Autism, and this is what ‘Forward Fast’ was intended for.

It makes us very proud to see our film receive a warm welcome among an important community and a well known organisation.

‘Forward Fast’ was completed in 2015 and portrays the life of a young man living his life at normal speed while the world around him is in fast forward, who just wants to be accepted for who he is. Catch the trailer and everything there is to know about the film here: https://binkyproductions.wordpress.com/movies/forwardfast/