Pathogen – Indie short film Completed!

The Disclaimer at the end of the film states that any resemblances to actual people and events are purely coincidental. Given the topic of this #indiefilm, I HOPE that there are NO resemblances at all. If there are, we are all in grave danger of a Pathogen! 😁🤔😮

Directed by Danny MAlin, written and produced by me, Celinka Serre. Starring Alexander Gravenstein and Sofian Lahyanssa, with the voice of Krista Barzso, and crewmen Philippe Bourret and Robert Verret.

The film is now complete! It will be submitted to the Fantasia Festival on the 15th of October (its opening date for submissions) as the first festival to which it will be submitted.

Check out the official web page. An IMDB page is in the works.

Pathogen Poster Official

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