Relsor & the True Sith (SWTOR Fanfic Photoshop Experiments)

Relsor is the leader of the True Sith faction in my SWTOR Star Wars Fan-Fiction story. He is of the Chiss species. His right hand man is Perce, leader of the Followers of Kromus, and Jassahmi is another True Sith, a Mirialan.

For the following image, I took screenshots of my SWTOR characters, giving some of them specific expressions, and placed them on a SWTOR background, another screenshot I took. For Jassahmi’s little smile, since she was serious, I used Liquify in Photoshop.

Perce, Relsor and Jassahmi look on as a Republic fleet is obliterated (from Healers of the Force, Story 6, Star Wars Fan-Fiction by Celinka Serre)

For this next one, I took a screenshot of the SWTOR alt I use for Relsor, placed him on a background, adjusted his arms a bit, and added the lightsabers, adding lightning to them. By now, creating lightsabers and lightning have become second nature to me in Photoshop, I am working on perfecting the technique to make them look better.

Relsor Unleashes His Ligtning Onto His Lightsabers (from Healers of the Force, Story 6, Star Wars Fan-Fiction by Celinka Serre)

Awgro is a Sith apprentice of the Empire who has been stationed on Relsor’s flagship as part of the forced alliance. He was introduced in the previous story. I took a screenshot of the character and placed him on a background simply. In Photoshop, selecting characters and placing them elsewhere has also become second nature. It is sometimes time consuming, but not very complicated to do. Awgro’s master, Lord Void whom we will meet in the next story, is a member of the Dark Council.

Awgro, the mysterious Sith Acolyte (from Healers of the Force, Story 6, Star Wars Fan-Fiction by Celinka Serre)

As always, I’m open to feedback.

These images were created for my Star Wars The Old Republic Fan-fiction story, Healers of the Force, Story 6 in the Darth Shadie / Jedi Eidahs series.

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