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Get Your Own Prophecy!

This Summer, Binky Productions launched an on-going fundraising campaign for the in-development Fantasy Web Series, “Sapphire Prophecies”.

Today they launch a new perk to satisfy contributors: Your very own personalized Prophecy, written by no other than their Elf Seer, the Sapphire Prophet.

You receive this perk when you make a donation of $50 or more. All that’s required in addition is your date of birth and favourite colour. All this information remains confidential, of course, and the Sapphire Prophet sends you a personalized Prophecy.

Donate today and Learn more about the web series.

Character Log 5

Binky Productions presents the fifth Character Log for the Fantasy Web Series in development, “Sapphire Prophecies”. This log is by the Elf Captain.

“A young man was captured from one of the Northern villages. I saw him being taken. I believe he saw me for he looked up at the tree I was hiding in and nodded to me. He looked confident. He told the guards he had foreseen his death but he had foreseen an important detail in the coming of the Emerald Eye. The guards beat him to remain silent but he rambled on his prophecy anyway.”

Read the full Character Log.

Want to make a contribution? We accept Open Donations and each person’s name goes on the Contributor’s Page. Thank you!

Sapphire Prophecies Fundraiser

The day has come, noble folk of the many lands, for the Launch of the Pre-Production Fundraiser for the original Fantasy Web-Series entitled ‘Sapphire Prophecies’.

The Sapphire Prophet seeks to raise $15 000.00 CAD on Indiegogo. With your pledges (meaning you are only charged once the goal is reached) this goal can become reality.

To learn more about Seers, about the Prophecies, about the budget and all you want to know, be sure to visit the Indiegogo campaign today! And the web page.

Be involved. And help make the Sapphire Prophecies come true!