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Sapphire Prophecies 2014 Promo Video

Imagination dominates in this promo that takes us into the imagery of the prophecies. Despite there was no budget, the video is still enchanting, as more about the series is revealed. Two characters are disclosed to the audience, both of them Seers, but both on two different factions.

The Promo made its premiere at the Mascara and Popcorn Festival this past weekend and was received with many applause.

The promo stars Celinka Serre as Everaine and Faith Rayah as Lady Andesine. It features original music composed by Lana Palmer, swords crafted by a Freelance sword smith, David Bénard, includes Visual Effects by Kevin Straw and also features an Elf, armor, blood and ambiance.

We need as many views as possible. We need to gather a LEGION of Likes and Views, for this will help us gain the prestige we need for when we approach investors. You clearly see where this Fantasy Web Series intends to go. Do you want to see more amazing visual effects? Do you want to see enchanting locations? Do you want to live the magic of the Sapphire Prophecies? You can help, right now. Like. Share. Spread the word that we’re looking for investors.

At the same time you can check out the newly updated Be Involved page which includes new images of weapons, locations we’ve scouted, polls, etc. And our Official Sapphire Prophecies page is updated too.



Like. Share. Spread the word.
Be involved, and help make the Sapphire Prophecies come true!

Mascara & Popcorn Festival Interviews

Binky Productions presents the 2014 Mascara and Popcorn Short Film Festival Interviews, conducted by Celinka Serre.

Watch our Interview Mash-up today! We have amazing guests: Joe Rossie, Danny MAlin, Adam-Gabriel Belley-Côté and Francis Fortin, Pascal Plate and Rémi Fréchette, Dre Boulet, and Philippe Bourret and Alexander Wheill. Links to all the Full Interviews are within the video.

The festival takes place this August 14-15-16-17 in Montreal at Bistro de Paris and MainLine Theatre. Tickets are going fast! Be sure to reserve yours today.

We hope to see you there!

Mascara and Popcorn Binky Teaser

Binky Productions gives you an exclusive peek at the 2014 Mascara and Popcorn Short Film Festival. So now you know one of the many upcoming fun things to expect about this year’s Festival!

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Compiling.tv Ep. 15

Binky Productions presents: Compiling.tv S02E15: Auto-Compile.
Happy Valentine’s Day to all Programmers and Geeks!

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Thumbnail Ep15-01

Watch the episode.