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N7 Day 2015


It’s November 7th again and while November is cause for melancholy for some, here at Binky Productions, we have N7 Day to look forward to.

This year’s parody of the acclaimed video game has a hint of crime scene investigation added to the mix. That’s right: It’s Mass Effect meets CSI.

Happy N7 Day!

Model of a Scientist Salarian

For all Gamers out there, Binky Productions has made another special video for N7 Day!

A Fan-made parody video based on the in-game ‘Model of a Scientist Salarian’ song featured in Mass Effect 2, which in turn is based on Gilbert and Sullivan’s ‘A Modern Major General’ from the 1879 musical ‘The Pirates of Panzance’. With lyrics drawn from a public Fan-Art website and some personalization, Binky delivers the following video.

Lyrics were drawn from the following site:  http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5753454/5/Interstitium

Binky in Bioware Mode Parody Video

Binky productions presents: Binky in Bioware Mode. A parody video made by our Celinka Serre, purely as a fan of Bioware. If you enjoy playing Bioware games, you’ll get a kick out of watching this.


Note that this video was not filmed in a professional context and is purely a fan-made parody video.