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A MASSively EFFECTive Party

To Celebrate Bioware’s release of the new Mass Effect game, Andromeda, I decided to throw a video party. In other words, I made a silly parody. Feel free to dance along; after all, the Shepherd dance is an easy one.

Happy N7 Day 2016

As is my tradition since the very first N7 Day occurred, I have created a parody video, full of silliness, in honour of Mass Effect, the epic video game.

Optimism: I hope you will enjoy it.

N7 Day 2015


It’s November 7th again and while November is cause for melancholy for some, here at Binky Productions, we have N7 Day to look forward to.

This year’s parody of the acclaimed video game has a hint of crime scene investigation added to the mix. That’s right: It’s Mass Effect meets CSI.

Happy N7 Day!

Happy N7 Day 2014

Yet another N7 Day has arrived, since Bioware announced the official Mass Effect celebration day in 2012, and Binky Productions is continuing the tradition of creating a parody based on Mass Effect for the special day. We hope you’ve been calibrating, as Binky has, only because Garrus Vakarian would approve! Thus, we present you our latest parody: Calibrations!

Binky thanks her guild mates from SWTOR for their vocal participation in this parody.