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Shepard, Andromeda, Thedas – Network Galaxy 7 Episode 2 (N7 Day Mass Effect & Dragon Age cross-over)

Welcome to Network Galaxy 7, the number 1 Radio Show in the Milky Way Galaxy. Your Elcor host, Renton, has EXCLUSIVE news regarding Commander Shepard, Cerberus, the Andromeda Galaxy. And special guest Salarian explorer Kalri has much to say about the planet Thedas.

Happy N7 Day! Celebrating Mass Effect with a Dragon Age cross-over.

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Network Galaxy 7 – Episode 1 (Mass Effect Fan Fiction Show)

Network Galaxy 7 is the new Radio Show in the Milky Way. Renton, your Elcor host, with guest Kalri, Salarian explorer, shares with you the goings-on in the galaxy as repairs are under way, after the destruction of the Reapers. In parody style, this is a Mass Effect Fan-Fiction, exploring what might happen after the events of Mass Effect 3, if the Reapers were destroyed, with Easter Eggs regarding Andromeda, and a cross-over with Dragon Age.

Happy N7 Day 2018!

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Assuming Control (N7 Day Video)

Binky Productions presents: Assuming Control. A Mass Effect Parody for…
Happy N7 Day (2017).

Happy N7 Day 2016

As is my tradition since the very first N7 Day occurred, I have created a parody video, full of silliness, in honour of Mass Effect, the epic video game.

Optimism: I hope you will enjoy it.