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Lost In Each Other – Mass Effect Fan-Fiction Fluff and Smut

I just published online a fan-fiction short story I wrote for someone back in April. It was a gift for a Twitter giveaway I did with a commissioned written one-shot. The winner was Nella, who chose the characters Thane Krios and her Commander Shepard, Nella Shepard, for the scene, taking place in the Mass Effect video game franchise universe.

Here is a short excerpt from it. The full scene is up on the site and on AO3 if you wish to give Kudos (link below). Please be advised that it is an explicit scene, reader discretion is advised.

Nella Shepard visits Thane at Huerta Memorial Hospital on the Citadel,
and he leads her to a quiet place he found where they get lost in each other.

Nella entered the Citadel’s medical ward lounge, clad in her formal attire, and as always, she was still the most beautiful being to Thane. He smiled, standing. He reached out for her hand as soon as she was close enough and pulled her into his arms. Nella let out a soft amused laugh.
        Leaning the side of his head to hers, holding their embrace, Thane spoke softly.
        ‘She entered my room after spending a day planetside gathering intel for the Illusive Man. Her footsteps were heavy, she seemed exhausted and drained, her shoulders were hunched, her eyes downcast, yet upon her face, fire and determination raged.’ Thane blinked and felt Nella’s lips curl into a smile.
        ‘I remember that day,’ she said, her voice tender with fondness.
        ‘Her hair was dishevelled from wearing her helmet all day; she tried to pat it down with her hands. I took her hands in mine, and brought them to my lips.’ Thane took a step back, mimicking the gesture, taking Nella’s hands in his, and brushed a gentle kiss over her knuckles. Nella’s smile went from ear to ear.
        Thane blinked again, continuing, holding her hands to his lips. ‘I brought her in for a kiss, she hesitated, but I insisted. As I held her tightly, I breathed in her scent. The natural smell of the woman I loved and craved, invigorating my senses, a tightening in my stomach of a desire only she awoke in me.’
        Nella blushed, looking around shyly. Thane stepped forward again, leaning his forehead on Nella’s. He whispered. ‘“Your smell is lovely,” I said to her.’ Thane smirked playfully, as Nella giggled. He let out a soft chuckle. ‘She replied to me, “I forgot to put on my deodorant.” I laughed, not at her predicament, but that she believed this would bother me.’
        Thane looked into Nella’s eyes, feeling the longing in his heart. ‘And I said to her, “You should forget to put on your deodorant more often.”’
        Thane smiled, bringing Nella’s hands back to his lips, kissing fervently along her knuckles, and then bringing her hands to his face. ‘These are the memories that help me when I feel the fear of leaving you when I inevitably-’ His voice cracked. He stopped, closing his eyes.
        ‘Thane,’ Nella whispered. She wiped a tear from his face.
        Thane opened his eyes again, feeling that deep desire he’d always felt for her. ‘I want to show you a quiet place I found. It has a nice view I’m sure you’ll appreciate.’
        Nella smiled. ‘Lead the way.’
        Thane took Nella’s hand and led her through the ward and to a small shuttle. It took them to the topmost balconies of the Presidium. Thane led her to a windowed room, from where the monuments and fountains could be seen.
        The Citadel was immense, and from this high up, the view offered a clear panorama of the long series of fountains, trees, levels and bridges that made up the Citadel and the Presidium.
        Walking slowly to the window’s edge, Nella took a deep breath.
        ‘It is a beautiful view,’ she said. She laced her fingers with Thane’s, her fingers wrapping around his two fused fingers with practice, as though human and Drell hands had always been meant to twine together.
        ‘There is something calming about the view, it brings peace to my heart,’ said Thane.
        They stood looking out the window for a while longer.
        Thane gently squeezed Nella’s hand before letting go. He walked to a wall panel and hit one of the controls. The windows dimmed. He turned to Nella. ‘We are in complete privacy.’ His hands behind his back, he slowly walked back to her. ‘While I still can, I would like…’
        Thane didn’t finish his sentence, but Nella knew what he was asking. Since Drell skin could induce hallucinations, Nella often took the appropriate remedy to counter its effects, though when lightly intoxicated, it only enhanced her senses.
        His deep eyes were set on hers, his lips earnest with hunger, and his green cheeks were flushed with desire. Nella felt her entire body tingle.
        ‘You can,’ she said.

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