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Bleeding Mascara Cocktail

Binky Productions is working once more with Mascara and Popcorn. To mark the occasion, Binky Prod created a drink inspired by the festival, called the “Bleeding Mascara”. Watch the video to know more.

The Mascara and Popcorn festival will take place on August 14-15-16-17, 2014, in Montreal. Binky Productions will be doing vlogs and interviews for the festival.

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Compiling.tv Season 2 Finale

Binky Productions presents: Compiling.tv S02E21: The Eliminator.
Take a walk through the office in Chris’s shoes. Will he finally regain his memory?

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Thumbnail Ep21-01

Watch the Episode.

Compiling.tv Ep. 20

Binky Productions presents: Compiling.tv S02E20: Little Trigger.
“Gino Binky-ani makes another appearance and this time he mistakens Pier-Luc for Frank’s son. How does everyone react?

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Thumbnail Ep20-07

Watch the Episode.

Mascara and Popcorn Binky Teaser

Binky Productions gives you an exclusive peek at the 2014 Mascara and Popcorn Short Film Festival. So now you know one of the many upcoming fun things to expect about this year’s Festival!

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