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Darkspawn Blood (Drink)

Take part in the Joining, become a Grey Warden. Fight the Blight! Drink Darkspawn Blood, an alcoholc drink inspired by Dragon Age. Bonus section: How to Open A Stuck Bottle Of Alcohol!

Bleeding Mascara Cocktail

Binky Productions is working once more with Mascara and Popcorn. To mark the occasion, Binky Prod created a drink inspired by the festival, called the “Bleeding Mascara”. Watch the video to know more.

The Mascara and Popcorn festival will take place on August 14-15-16-17, 2014, in Montreal. Binky Productions will be doing vlogs and interviews for the festival.

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——–BLOOD——– (a non-blood drink)

Celebrate the Halloween spirit with my all new, all alcoholic, drink: Blood.

No real blood required.

Visit the Alcohol page for the recipe.