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Even undefined boundaries can alert us to abuse!

Knowing and understanding our own boundaries can help protect from and alert us to danger. However, as victims of abuse, those boundaries thin and get lost in the manipulations and shrouds our best abilities. Despite all this, even undefined boundaries can help alert us and indicate things regarding what we may be living.

This Bite-sized clip is from the longer form episode of Green Healing about Physical Abuse as a Types of Abuse: https://youtu.be/4_-Qrs8OSFw

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Compiling.tv Ep. 11

The parody web series about programmers returns after the holidays with a pool noodling bang!

Binky Productions presents: Compiling.tv S02E11: Big Compiler.
“The programmers battle is out for the ultimate promotion of the year. Backstabbing and revelations are only the beginning. Who will get into a fight and more importantly, who will win?”

This episode is exclusively by Celinka Serre. A parody of reality TV, more specifically of “Big Brother”.

Thumbnail Ep11-01

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