Like Father, Not Like Sons Pt. 5: Changes – Fiction Short Story — Action — Thriller

‘Johnny? Johnny, come on, stay with me. Johnny!’

‘Shut up!’ the lackey complained.

Simon stared at Johnny’s unconscious form during the entire trip, a lump in his throat. Trepidation overtook him, he was convinced he was going to die.

The van stopped and Simon’s heart skipped a beat. The door to the back of the van opened and Tyler loomed like a shadow against the beam of light that came from the warehouse behind him. Simon squinted, his eyes hurting from the sudden light.

Tyler barked orders to Alia and Blake who grabbed Simon and Johnny.

‘He’s lost consciousness! Careful!’ protested Simon as Alia grabbed Johnny.

She looked over at Tyler.

‘Check him,’ Tyle instructed.

Alia nodded once and checked that Johnny wasn’t faking. He wasn’t, Simon knew he wasn’t. Alia then checked his pulse.

‘Pulse is weak, father. Should we just end him now?’

Tyler sighed loudly, looking over at Blake. ‘You just had to shoot him.’

‘What? He had one over you!’ insisted Blake.

Tyler waved a hand dismissively. ‘Get him upstairs anyway. We’ll inject him with some stimulants. I want him awake for the big moment.’

Simon swallowed hard. He didn’t know what that entailed but he certainly didn’t like the sound of it.

Alia got behind him and pushed him forward, pressing her gun to his back. ‘Try anything and you’re dead, boy, you hear me?’

Simon nodded, gulping down the sick feeling he had and he staggered forward, following his father up the stairs to a large loft.

Blake let Johnny drop to the floor with a loud thud. Simon jerked in place with shock.

‘Stimulants now, or…?’ began Blake.

‘Tyler, we have a new guest!’ shouted one of the lackeys.

Simon turned to see one of Salazar’s men coming up from the stairs with a fearful-looking Rita. She was shaking from head to toe, whimpering beneath the man’s gaze. He thrust her forward and she fell to her hands and knees near Simon.

‘I’m glad to see not all of you were taken in by the cops,’ Tyler grinned.

‘Thought she might be a fun addition to the party, seeing as how she’s been working with your boy for a while.’

Rita glanced up at Simon, then at the table that stood a few feet from where she was. Salazar’s lackey smirked and pulled out his gun, aiming at Rita.

‘And now the fun begins,’ he declared.

Simon held his breath as chaos ensued around him before his brain registered what was happening.

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