Like Father, Not Like Sons Pt. 4: Quiet – Fiction Short Story — Action — Thriller

The pain John felt was excruciating. He’d had worse injuries, but if the gunshot wound wasn’t treated soon, he would lose enough blood to lose consciousness and then eventually die. He was acutely aware of Tyler’s lackey who stood guard over them, so John had to be careful what he said.

At least his earpiece was switched back on now. He didn’t know if anyone could hear him, they had probably closed everything up, but it was worth the attempt to get backup.

Simon lay on his side next to John who lay flat on his stomach. His brother glanced down at the blood that pooled on the van’s floor. He seemed mesmerized by it and terrified at the same time. John had to admit, he was feeling pretty terrified as well. If he didn’t calm his nerves, his racing heart would pump all his blood out through his wound.

‘Simon,’ John whispered. Simon tore his eyes away from the blood and met John’s gaze. ‘I’m sorry, you know.’

Simon stared at him for a moment. ‘I know,’ he said at last.

‘I’m your older brother. I wanted to protect you.’ All John had ever wanted to do was protect his brother. ‘I did you wrong, though.’

Aside from the humming of the van, it was quiet, as was it on the other end of John’s earpiece.

‘It’s okay, Johnny.’

‘I didn’t want this. I didn’t want it to end like this, Simon.’ John felt the trickle of a tear run from his eyes and saw Simon’s eyes sparkle with tears. John heaved shakily.

‘There a reason this is still on?’ came Chief Officer Graham’s voice from the other end of John’s earpiece.

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