Keeping Warm – Dragon Age Fan-Fiction Erotic Romance Short Story

Duncan and Fiona resort to more creative ideas to keep warm
only to discover how much they truly desire each other.

Note: Preview is SFW.

Duncan lay on his back on his makeshift cot in his tent, bundled between several blankets he had brought. He’d have thought after all these years as a Grey Warden and travelling and camping out, he’d have gotten used to Ferelden’s bitter cold weather, but no, he had not. He blamed his time at the palace and several estates, looking over the young Alistair in the luxurious warmth of fully furnished homes.
        He was camped out near the Storm Coast now. He and a group were travelling to the Free Marches in an attempt to find any sign or clue of what may have happened to King Maric. The King had travelled the seas and disappeared not too long ago. Loghain had been adamant about finding Maric before determining what to do about anything else.
        Duncan wasn’t travelling with only soldiers of the royal court. Fiona was with him too. He was glad of it. She was his good friend, and the mother of Alistair whom he looked after. She was a former lover of King Maric’s and had volunteered to search for him with Duncan.
        ‘Do you still love him,’ Duncan had asked her. ‘Not in the way that I used to,’ had been her reply. Fiona had stated that she was out here for Duncan because she missed the old days of travelling with him and cherished him as a friend. She wanted to see him succeed and wanted to be there for him if he needed her. He appreciated that. They had been through a lot together, after all.
        A gust of wind made the tent billow. Duncan shivered. It wasn’t winter and yet it felt like it was. His body was shaking from the cold.
        He had kept his armour on, only removing the excess metal plates – which didn’t serve to keep him warm anyway – so he could lie down more comfortably. Comfortable in such weather was hardly what he’d call it, but he had tried his best.
        He heard something outside his tent and the flap to its entrance opened to reveal Fiona standing just beyond. Duncan looked up at her from where he lay, bundled and shivering as he was. Even now, older than she had been when he had first known her, she was a beautiful elf. And he wondered why he was noticing this.
        She entered the tent. Her staff emitted a soft glow, just enough to light the tent in a subtle amber luminescence.
        Fiona closed the tent’s flap behind her and moved towards him. ‘I can hear your teeth chattering from across the camp. And that’s on top of the wind’s howling.’
        Duncan chuckled. His teeth had been chattering quite a bit, he had to admit. ‘Yes well, it’s cold Fiona, what do you expect?’
        Fiona gave him a pointed look but said nothing.
        ‘Well, since you’re here, can you do something to help make me warm?’
        Fiona set her staff down on the floor and sat down next to Duncan. She shrugged. ‘I used up all my mana earlier. I’m a bit depleted, if I’m honest.’
        ‘Great.’ His body trembled a bit more before settling down as he attempted to find a position in which he’d feel a bit warmer. ‘Then are you just here to watch me shiver and complain about it? Because if you are, then don’t bother. If you can’t help me keep warm, then you’re not allowed to complain about it.’
        Fiona raised a brow.
        ‘Sorry, I’m just…really cold!’
        He noticed Fiona rubbing her hands together, her shoulders hunched from the cold, and she shivered too.
        She sighed. ‘There might be something,’ she said. Duncan perked up. ‘But don’t get any funny ideas.’ He shook his head. ‘I’ve heard of people keeping others warm with their bodies.’
        ‘Okay,’ said Duncan, a little too quickly. ‘What do you propose?’
        ‘I act as a blanket.’
        ‘So, what, you just lie on top of me, or…?’ Duncan was confused, but if it was going to warm him up, who was he to complain.
        ‘That’s exactly what I’m proposing,’ Fiona replied.

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