“I Love You,” Was The Best Holiday Gift I Ever Got!

Lucy Sochainvited me to write about the worst and best holiday gifts I ever received.

My birthday is close to the Solstice so I sometimes get gifts combined. Though, I don’t really do gifts with my family much anymore. We sometimes do gifts, but since I can’t afford them, I don’t expect them.

My mom and siblings always know what to give when they gift me things, they always know what I need, be it a video game I wanted, socks, vitamins, soap, money, or a nice sweater. My sister knows where I shop and we sometimes even have the same top from the same store, so it’s always fun when she picks an extra one for me.

The worst gift I ever got was…

From a friend who gave me perfumed bath products. I’m allergic to perfumes and fragrances. Both to breathe and on my skin. So yeah, I gave it to another friend several months later who was really happy to receive the kit. She knew it was a hand-me-down gift and was happy I had thought of her for it.

Best gift…

Like I said, my mom, sister, and brother tend to know what to get me. My husband and I give the gift of time spent together, or a massage, or something fun like that that we do for the other.

I think the best gift I ever got was from my dad. 

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