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Publishing Shady Boots! Berne Convention & Copyright (An Update of my Self-Publishing Journey)

Since last time, I have successfully formatted my e-book (missing just a few minute details) and print book. Finally Scribus was a dead end; it couldn’t handle my several hundred pages. I tried it on 2 different computers. How many computers? TWO! So finally I did it in Word. I was able to figure it all out. After a few minutes of feeling discouraged and overwhelmed. I may still need to make some changes and minor adjustments, and I have not totally completed yet.

I’m waiting for my photographer to send me those pictures and for my cover artist to send me the final scan of her painting. Shouldn’t be too long for those.

Now, I’ve been trying to figure out what to do for marketing and distribution and all that stuff, figure out what’s best, what’s most cost efficient and all that stuff. While I’m not afraid of doing a lot of the work and reaching out to people for help, I thought I’d get in touch with a distribution and PoD company who also does marketing.

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A Dragon Comes To Life – First Hint About Novel – And Second Update!

I’m really excited that the dragon from my book cover is taking life and looks so majestic. The dragon is gorgeous. My cover artist sent me some photos of her painting. First an very half finished painting with my characters and part of the dragon. After some adjustments, she sent another. Just a couple small adjustments and it’ll be complete.


Do you know what that means? It means that soon, very soon, I’ll be sharing that cover art painting with you (sorry, not today, just ABOUT it). I’ll also be sharing the sysnopsis with a whole title reveal.

But I can share with you this. The Series initials are…

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You can also read an update about how Things Piled Up On The Stack Before Getting Fonts Out of the Way!

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Checklist Done and ISBNs Assigned – Self-Publishing Discoveries and Progress!

When I started writing my novel at 19, I had no idea when or how I’d be publishing. Later on, it became clear to me that Self-Publishing was the route for me. But I still had no clue what I was doing. I read up on how to self-edit. So I did that during my burnout years, when I could barely even get myself out of bed. I’d sit there, reading, writing notes to add, things to correct and such. I’ve only applied corrections to Book 1 and I think 2. You see, there are 5 books, like five points of a star. Of course, I’m writing the sixth one, but the main focus for now are Books 1 to 5, most notably Book 1.

When Book 1 was ready to be professionally edited, I found my editor, who also gave me a few pointers on things she noticed in my style of writing that she fixed up. With this info, I can proofread Book 2 to 5, after applying corrections from the self-edit, and apply what I know, like making sure I’m not doing the “hive mind thing” hehe

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