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Compiling.tv S02 Episode 2

When the new employee crashes the project, the programmers discover the true source, or do they?

Thumbnail Ep02-05

Watch the episode.

Teaser Trailer Compiling.tv Season 2

Here is the very first trailer for Season 2 for the web series ‘Compiling.tv’.

There will be more sneak peeks coming soon.

Thumbnail Teaser-07

Compiling.tv Thank You Video + S2 Info


The Compiling.tv Thank You Video where Celinka Serre and François St-Maurice also talk about T-Shirt designs, give us info on Season 2 and talk about pool noodles!

Watch the Wrap-up Video of Season 1  live at Compiling.tv today!

And if you haven’t seen the Season Finale yet, it’s a must-watch. It sets the scene for Season 2. We will keep posting videos every few weeks (sneak peaks, exclusive content, etc) until the launch of Season 2.

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Tell us where to place them.


Compiling.tv is getting ready for Season 2. We start filming this Saturday March 2nd. We want to hear ideas from our fans on where to place all these pool noodles. Details are all on our official website.