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Bullied in SWTOR Gaming Rant (Online Gaming in Star Wars The Old Republic)

It's time for another Gaming Rant! This time about my recent experience being bullied in SWTOR (Star Wars: The Old Republic). I would like to acknowledge all the good players out there with whom I've had the pleasure of running group content, and all the support I received from my mutuals on Twitter that day. On that day, I was the target of Elitists, and I believe there is something we can all learn from this experience of online gaming. Let us band together, and share our experiences. This is how we heal and conquer over those who wish to hurt us.
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HTH Capsule 17

Binky Production presents the seventeenth capsule of Healing Through Humour. Inspired by a serious reality, it is an exaggerated and fun caricature to raise awareness about PTSD, anxiety and depression. Today, Mi rants, massively.

Remember, if any of you have any questions that you would like openly discussed in more depth, Binky will make a video or two to delve deeper into the subject matter and address your topics of interest there. Feel free to email us at info@binkyproductions.com.

More capsules and more on PTSD at http://www.binkyproductions.com/binkyink/healingthroughhumour

Here is capsule 17. Please share. Let’s raise awareness together.

Healing Through Humour - Capsule 17 Celinka Serre - Binky Productions - Binky Ink

Healing Through Humour – Capsule 17
Celinka Serre – Binky Productions – Binky Ink

Episode 15 of Compiling.tv

Back from the Holidays, Compiling.tv returns strong and loud.

Forget about Road-Rage. Let’s talk about Compiler’s-Rage.

And remember, there are only 35 days left to our Indiegogo Campaign to raise funds for Season 2: http://igg.me/p/260488/x/1656112

Thumbnail Ep15-04