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What’s This?

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What’s this?
Hint: There’s already a bit of content to whet your appetite.


A new page has been added to the website, featuring all my professional credentials. With a short bio, some features images and posters from projects, the credentials page includes Writer credits, Producer credits, Director credits, Actor credits, and a few other credits as well.

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Celinka Serre – Author Photos (by Michel Cojan)

All recent projects such as Steem Monsters and Pathogen, as well as older projects, such as Broken and Compiling.tv, as well as upcoming projects such as Stardust Destinies, are included in these credentials. With links leading to each page for each projects, and jump links to each section of the page, it is a comprehensive, easy to follow page that includes all professional credentials.

Come check it out.


Author Photos

The Pictures Galore pages has been updated with a new album, and the Author Photos page is now up. These are pictures taken specifically to be used in my novel and for occasions and articles that feature me as a writer and author of the fantasy genre.

Here is a preview of what to find on the page, these are but a handful of the 20+ photos you will find on the page.

Come visit the Author Photos page.