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Stardust Destinies High Fantasy Book Now on BookSprouts for ARC!

One of the best ways to gain access to a book for free is by getting an ARC (Advanced Review Copy) version of the book. This is why I have made my book available on Booksprouts!

Prompted by a cryptic message from her deceased master, Niome, a young wizardess, embarks on a journey to discover many truths. Leaving her country, Teloria, behind, and accompanied by her brother, his best friend, her brother’s master and his best friend, she discovers the prophecies that were written in the stars and dictated by the dragons. Being the guardian of the remaining safe magical book of spells, the Compliment Book, Niome and her companions quickly realise that they must go to the dark lands and retrieve the stolen Book of Enchantment from the evil lord who wishes to rule over all the lands. It is there where their Stardust Destinies are revealed.

You don’t have to be a professional reviewer to opt in to read and review the book, and you don’t need to write an elaborate review either. You just need to let Amazon and Goodreads know if you enjoyed the book with a star rating and a few lines.

Stardust Destinies I Variate Facing so far has 5 ratings with 4 reviews, with an average of 4 stars!

On Booksprouts, up to 20 copies of the book can be claimed. So if you want to jump on in and be one of them, just follow the link. You’ll need to create a Booksprouts profile if you don’t already have one, and then you just need to claim a copy of my book.

BookSprouts Stardust Destinies: https://booksprout.co/publisher/arcs

To learn more about Stardust Destinies I Variate Facing: https://binkyproductions.com/binkyink/stardustdestinies/stardust-destinies-i-variate-facing/

Happy reading!

A Darkness Threatens the Lands

The Mighty Spirit gave birth to her creations with the help of magic. The Stars protect and guide her creations. They are spirits of powerful and magical beings of old. The dragons live between the celestial world and the living world. They see the flux of magic and can perceive the future. They travel between the two worlds through the Portal that lies in their lair at the great mountain of Darakön.

If polcs enter that Portal, they become too powerful, and it is too tempting to control and oppress. Only those who understand magic may go through at the end of their days when they are ready to pass into the realm of the dead. For this, two books exist, and the spell that allows one to the enter the Portal is in two parts within those books.

However, a darkness threatens the lands as the evil lord of Mork, Mirauk, wishes to gain power and control over all beings by entering the Portal himself. His followers have managed to steal the Book of Enchantment, having destroyed most of Teloria, and only the Compliment Book remains safe. He will attack Teloria again. The Great Ocean Valley lies in peril and the only hope is that the Dragon Prophecies come to be reality.

Stardust Destinies I: Variate Facing

Now available in Print and E-book formats.

SDI Ebook Cover (v10.3)