A Bond Between Sisters – Fiction Short Story — Teens — Sisters — Drama

Lydia studied herself in the mirror, placing a blouse in front of her pajama top, as she tried to figure out what to wear. Switching hangars, she placed another blouse in front before switching again.

‘Come on, Lydia, we can’t spend all day trying to figure out what you’re going to wear!’ complained Sarah, her older sister. She sat on Lydia’s bed, leaning back on her elbows, kicking her legs back and forth as she waited for Lydia to finish getting dressed.

‘I can’t decide, Sarah. I don’t know which will look nicest.’

‘Who cares!’

‘But it’s the start of the new school year, I want to look my best,’ insisted Lydia.

‘That’s why we’re going shopping before school actually starts!’ Sarah sighed exaggeratedly. ‘It’s your senior year, it’ll be the best! And,’ Sarah stood and stepped over to Lydia, wrapping an arm around her shoulders, ‘as we do every year, I’m going to help you choose a new handbag that’ll match every outfit you have so you can dazzle the boys at Homecoming.’ She grinned looking at Lydia’s reflection in the mirror. ‘So it doesn’t matter what you wear. Just get dressed already.’

‘Okay, okay.’ Lydia relented.

She cast both blouses aside and took a third and slipped it on with a pair of tight jeans. Sarah laughed before skipping out of the bedroom, beckoning Lydia to follow.

‘Mom, dad, we’re going shopping!’ Lydia called over her shoulder as she and Sarah skipped out the door.

They started down the street. When they turned the corner, a young man wearing a light hoodie with his hands in his pockets looked up from the ground and beamed at Lydia.

‘Hey, Lydia.’ He hesitated. ‘You look nice.’

Lydia felt herself blush. ‘Uh, thanks, Kai.’

‘So, you excited to start school again?’

Lydia opened her mouth but no sound came out.

‘Tell him you’re excited to see more of him,’ Sarah muttered into Lydia’s ear.

Lydia smiled, feeling self-conscious. ‘Not really, but it has its perks, like…seeing you.’

Kai’s smile widened. ‘Yeah?’ They stared at each other for another awkward moment. ‘Well, I’ll see you at school tomorrow, yeah?’

‘Yeah. See you, Kai.’

Kai continued down the street and Lydia bit her lower lip, watching him go.

Sarah squealed excitedly. ‘Oh my god, he so likes you! Like, he’s so into you.’

‘You think?’

‘Oh my god, Lydia, it’s so obvious!’ Sarah placed herself in front of Lydia. ‘If he doesn’t ask you to Homecoming, you have to ask him.’

‘I don’t know, I’m kind of scared to.’

‘Why? He totally has the hots for you.’

‘You really think so?’

Sarah leaned her head back in exasperation. ‘It’s so obvious. Trust me.’

‘But me…ask a guy out?’

‘Lydia, we’re modern times. Girls can ask guys out. And I just know he’ll say “yes”. He’s got hearts in his eyes when he looks at you, and who wouldn’t? Believe me, he’s into you just as much as you’re into him. Trust your older sister on this, okay?’


They started off again. Across the street, a group of girls from the cheerleading team were eyeing them condescendingly.

‘Ugh,’ Sarah rolled her eyes. ‘Just ignore them.’

‘Weirdo!’ one of the girls called out.

Sarah flipped the bird at her, sticking her tongue out and Lydia laughed.

Finally, after walking for a few more minutes, Lydia and Sarah reached the mall and headed straight to the handbag store.

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