Like Father, Not Like Sons Pt. 1: Eliminate – Fiction Short Story — Action — Thriller

Simon entered the bar, walking straight over to the bar counter where Rita, his friend and barmaid, was cleaning glasses. The sun had just barely set and Simon was glad to see the place wasn’t too busy. He needed a quiet one.

‘Evening, boss,’ said Rita.

Simon hissed a laugh. ‘How many times do I have to tell you not to call me “boss” just because I own this bar? I’m half your age.’

‘Don’t say that too loud,’ Rita chided playfully. ‘Most patrons think I’m at least a dozen years younger than I actually am.’

‘You’re certainly a fit woman,’ Simon complimented her. She blushed and playfully slapped him with her cloth. Simon chuckled.

Only then did Simon notice the man sitting at the back of the bar in a dim corner at a single table, slowly sipping a drink. Simon tensed.

‘How long has he been here?’ he growled.

‘Been there almost all day,’ replied Rita. ‘Been ordering lots, tips generously. You know him?’

‘Unfortunately, I do.’

Simon strode over to the table where the man five years his senior sat and pulled the chair across from him loudly. Simon sat down and leaned towards the other man.

‘What the hell are you doing here, Johnny?’ he growled harshly.

‘Good to see you too, Simon.’

Simon balled his hands into fists. ‘I’ll ask again, what are you doing in my bar?’

‘Staking,’ Johnny replied, his voice low.

Simon narrowed his eyes and studied Johnny’s face for a few minutes. ‘No phone call, no letter, no email, no nothing for ten years–’

‘And whose fault is that?’ retorted Johnny. ‘I couldn’t find you.’

‘You obviously did at some point, else you wouldn’t be here, or did you just find me now?’ Johnny downcasted his eyes and Simon knew the answer to his question was “no”.

‘Look, I’m not here to cause trouble, I’m here to make sure it doesn’t come to you.’

‘What the hell are you talking about, Johnny? Trouble?’

‘Simon, please, I’m on your side here!’ pleaded Johnny.

‘My side? You chose your side when you stayed with dad,’ Simon spat back.

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