Counting Time & Polken Talk – Appendix 4 & 5 — Epic Fantasy Lore for Stardust Destinies

Counting Time

The Telorians, along with all polcs, have a different way of counting the days than we do. The polc New Year’s Day falls on the shortest day of the year. The longest day of the year is called Half Year’s Day. In between each, when night and day are of equal length, is the Warm Quarter Day and the Cool Quarter Day. The polcs count 365 days each year, like we do, and every fourth year, there is an extra day before Warm Quarter Day (our Spring Equinox). They count four seasons: Spring, Summer, Colouring, and Winter. Spring starts on Warm Quarter Day, Summer on Half Year’s Day, and so forth.

Polcs don’t have months like we do. They have the notion of weeks, though. This may become confusing when keeping track of their birthdays, but if you’re used to counting with the sun, it becomes second nature. Someone’s birthday would be on the oomph day of the umph week of the season, or the oomph of the year. They knew that Warm Quarter Day fell on the 90th day of the year, Half Year’s Day on the 183rd, Cool Quarter Day on the 276th, and New Year’s Day on the first.

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