My First Month on Medium

I published my first story on Medium on September 3rd. I thought I had been on here longer because I’ve been so busy here and am loving this journey so far.

Some stories are mirrored from my website, but many are unique and exclusive to Medium.

In my first month, I found and figured out my rhythm and schedule, I found a Publication I feel I have worthy content to share and post to, I learned the ropes and protocol of medium (mostly), began following and reading countless other Medium writers, and installed the app on my tablet so I can read in bed and not only in front of my computer (though I do my writing and scheduling at the computer only).

Oh, I also created three publications of my own to post specific content to. Stardust Destinies for original YA-NA Epic Fantasy stories pertaining to my book series, Erotica Fan-Fiction for everything fanfic smut in the Dragon AgeMass Effect and SWTOR fandoms (but mostly Dragon Age), and Protectors of the Force for my Old Republic era Star wars novella fanfic series. Those are longer and estimated to be a couple of hours per read, but I prefer to have them in full here rather than chapter by chapter. Easier to bookmark for anyone who’s into that sort of story.

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