He took our Online Role Playing to the next level… And then he took it Out Of Character!

Back before the MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic was out, I was hanging out in the forums all the time. There was a group of us who always wound up online around the same hours of the evening. Sometimes we’d role play with our characters.

One of my buddies from the forums asked me if I wanted to role play outside of the forums. We were both Canadians, and by this time, after months of chatting through the forums, we knew each other’s names and we’d seen pictures of each other, so to RP with him outside of the forums seemed like fun.

The RP session started with some Out Of Character (OOC) scenario establishing. Both our characters were alien and had unique traits and skills, so we capitalised on that when we jumped into the RPing. Our characters did some exploring and fought some enemies. Dialogue was written with quotations, and narration was in the third person.

Then his character began to flirt with mine.

In real life, we were both in relationships, but these were our characters, and I was intrigued. My character flirted back. Then his character started describing what he’d like to do to her. She responded in kind, describing what she’d like to do to his character. Our characters shared their first kiss with a “tingle coursing through them,” then an “electric charge passed between them.

And then things got a bit…steamier.

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