The Future of the Force Chapter Two (Star Wars SWTOR Fan-Fiction)

Shadie stood holding Knarf’s hand for support as he gave her a bit more strength. Though her healing meditation had helped a great deal, her anticipation to confront Awgro was increasing her anxiety and thus was draining a part of her energy. Fane and Talyc stood by her side, Brenum and Trylia had also come to Mandalore and they stood next to Knarf.
            They watched as Awgro’s ship entered the atmosphere with an escort of Mandalorian fighters. When the ship landed, ysalamiri were placed by the ship’s ramp and around the ship. Awgro walked out of the ship and was surrounded immediately. He raised his hands up and did not fight back as Mandalorians took his weapon from his belt.
            ‘If I had come to fight you, you know I wouldn’t need my lightsaber to do it,’ said Awgro.
            ‘We preferred to take precautions,’ said Shadie, crossing her arms. ‘We’re not entirely sure we can trust you, Awgro.’
            ‘Void, he’s contacted you, hasn’t he?’ said Awgro.
            ‘Bring his things to the Kandera bunker,’ said Talyc. He turned to the other Mandos. ‘Search his ship.’
            Awgro stood silent as Zaereg led a team into the Sith apprentice’s ship.
            ‘You’re not going to find anything of value in there,’ said Awgro.
            ‘Are you working for Relsor?’ Shadie asked, looking him straight in the eyes.
            ‘What? No! He abandoned me on Dromund Kaas because I helped you lot.’
            ‘I’m surprised he didn’t kill you,’ said Brenum.
            ‘Relsor contacted me shortly after the events on Ziost,’ said Awgro, ‘hoping I would aid him in the future.’
            ‘And?’ said Brenum, prompting him to go on.
            ‘I told him exactly what I thought about him and his pitiable True Sith,’ said Awgro. ‘I serve the Sith Empire and the Sith Emperor, no one else.’ He turned to Shadie. ‘You can surely sense I’m telling you the truth. You saved me once and I knew then that I could trust you, despite the fact that we are on opposing factions. As individuals there is no reason why we could not at times aid each other if it was beneficial to both of us.’ He looked at Talyc. ‘You don’t need to wear your helmet in front of me, Clan Leader Talyc. I know who you are, I know what Relsor made you suffer, I aided you when I could, and I aided your friends. I know your authority and your clan’s superiority.’
            There was an arrogant sort of intonation, yet Awgro was voicing compliments while being smug about his past cooperation.
            ‘You think we owe you something,’ said Knarf, voicing Shadie’s very thoughts.
            ‘Yes, and I now come for it.’
            ‘What do you want?’ Shadie asked, taken aback.
            ‘Refuge,’ said Awgro. ‘I’ve come for protection, and Mandalore is a good place outside of Sith Space, not in Republic Space, and not corrupted by the Hutt Cartel. I need your help; I need your protection. Lord Void is trying to kill me, he is hunting me, spying on me, tracking me.’ Shadie could sense that thus far Awgro was speaking the truth. ‘He wants to take over the Crypt.’
            ‘He claims you have your eyes on becoming the Crypt’s new master,’ said Shadie.
            ‘So he has been in contact with you,’ said Awgro conclusively.
            ‘I’ve already got Relsor trying to poison my body through the Force so that he can rebecome the Master of the Crypt, I don’t need someone else trying to take over. I’m fine as its master, thank you very much.’
            ‘Shadie, I’ve not come to kill you, nor to harm the Jedi who is destined to destroy Relsor,’ Awgro said, looking at Fane. ‘I would not benefit from doing so. If I wanted to take over the Crypt, I’d have to undergo all its trials. Lord Void, on the other hand, all he has to do is kill me. I’m sure he’s already achieved most of those trials throughout his lifetime.’
            ‘Do you know what each trial is?’ asked Shadie.
            ‘I would be lying if I said I hadn’t ensured I learnt many of Relsor and Perce’s secrets regarding the place.’ Shadie thought for a moment, letting Awgro’s words sink in. ‘Listen,’ the Sith added, ‘I know Void went and found the Crypt. Why would he go to all that trouble if not to check what the trials were and to ensure he knew exactly what he needed to do in order to claim it?’

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