Protectors of the Force Chapter Four (Star Wars SWTOR Fan-Fiction)

The hatch to the Krayt Dragon’s umbilical opened, but instead of being greeted with a party of Imperial officers and a security detail, a tall man cloaked in a black cape and garbed in dark heavy armour stood before them.  He waved a hand and their lightsabers went flying out of their grips and onto the floor.
            ‘I’ve not come for a fight,’ he said, his voice low in pitch.  ‘It took many resources to find and intercept you, let’s not waste time with shenanigans.’  He signalled his guards, who took a stance next to the hatch. They looked like his personal guard.
            ‘What’s going on?’ asked Lian, sensing this man’s powerful presence in the dark side of the Force.
            ‘As far as everyone else is concerned, your ship matches that of a pirate gang’s and you are being inspected.’
            ‘And in reality?’ asked Brenum, who stood to Lian’s side.
            ‘I am here to speak,’ the man said pointedly.
            ‘Why all the secrecy?’ asked Lian suspiciously.
            ‘Because the Empire has an alliance with the True Sith, and were anyone from the Empire or the True Sith to find out that I was here to speak with Jedi, it would bode very ill for all of us.  While Relsor is distracted on Mandalore, however, is the perfect opportunity to attempt such a meeting of secrecy.’
            ‘And who are you?’ asked Trylia.
            The man smiled and bowed with dignity.  ‘I am Lord Void, member of the Dark Council.’
            Brenum whispered to Lian.  ‘Void. I hope he doesn’t space us into some sort of void.’
            ‘It was my apprentice whom Shadie saved on Relsor’s ship,’ the dark lord continued.  ‘I am also allied with Darth Usharr, former High Master and leader of the Sith Academy on Korriban.  It is my understanding that Haar’elso’rothmor is being dishonourable with his deal in the alliance with the Sith Empire.  I require your assistance in finding the evidence needed to prove it. Then I can convince the Dark Council and the Empire’s leaders to renege on that alliance.’
            Lian didn’t know much about the Dark Council but he knew it was similar in a few ways to the Jedi Council.  Each voice had input, and could sometimes even argue against the Grand Master.
            ‘As a member of the Dark Council, why can’t you just tell them?’ he asked.
            Lord Void stepped forward, leaning on his front foot.  ‘You were not there when Relsor approached us to ally ourselves with him.  I was there to witness his powers firsthand, as chaos reigned within the Dark Council chamber, as we all saw something different, until he showed us how it had all been multiple illusions created by him that our power, from we who are the most powerful Sith in all the galaxy, could not combat.  We had no choice but to agree, we had no choice but to join him.’
            Brenum looked over Lian’s shoulder at Trylia.  ‘We have experienced his illusions too.’
            ‘Then you know the fear they cause, the destruction they can create, the control he has over anyone who succumbs to such an illusion.’  Lord Void took another step towards them.  ‘Help me find how to convince my peers otherwise.  Help me provide the solution to countering Relsor’s illusions.’
            ‘I can counter his illusions,’ said Lian.  ‘That’s why Mandalore is in desperate need of us right now.’
            ‘Then the sooner we begin, the sooner you may leave.’
            The Dark Lord was not going to let them leave until they had indulged him with solutions and aid.  They could use an extra ally, even if that ally was Sith.  The timing was just way too tight.
            ‘I can sense your impatience,’ said Lord Void.  ‘I assure you, I am not here to detain you or to stop you.  But this is truly the only time we have and we must make the most of it…

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