Character Logs are here!

Introducing Character Logs for ‘Sapphire Prophecies’, the all new fantasy web series by Binky Productions. Entering Pre-production and organizing several fundraising events, including an online campaign, the Character Logs are a great way to learn more about the series and the characters involved.

Log 1 – by LORD BERYL

It is becoming difficult to concentrate. I am greatly worried by these so-called Sapphire Prophecies. Why couldn’t the elves remain hidden away in their forests and caves. Why did they have to meddle with my plans. It takes power to rule, it takes cunning. I am the only true leader of these lands and whether they like it or not, they will fall to my rule. They cannot hide from me forever.

But these prophecies change everything, and give these meaningless people what they call hope. I will make them bow down to me and those who refuse shall die! Their lands shall burn.

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