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A Beautiful Piece of Artwork Commissioned for My Fan-Fiction Story

I would like to highlight a commission I had done for my SWTOR style and era, Star Wars fan-fiction story.

The artwork is done by Dimitra Nik, who goes by @rumitakas on Twitter (Beans).

The commission is of Brenum and Trylia, two Force-users, Jedi in the scene, who have fallen in love and are in a relationship. Brenum is human and Trylia is a Togruta. In the scene depicted, they are sharing an intimate moment. This is a scene from Story 6 (not out yet) and I will use this in the appropriate chapter when I put out Story 6.

For the commission, I sent a few screenshots of the in-game SWTOR alts I use for my Photoshop experiments and described what I wanted as a scene. Dimitra took care of the rest and brought to life this beautiful scenes of this beautiful couple.

For Star Wars commissions especially, and artwork, go a head and find Dimitra on Twitter: https://twitter.com/rumitakas