“Would You Cheat On Me With Him?” – My Husband Asked Me.

“Would You Sleep With Him? Would you cheat on me with him?”

So, this is not what it seems.

My husband and I have a very honest relationship. It’s no secret that I have a thing for fictional characters, most notably from video games. A lot of these characters wind up in my Fan-Fiction stories, the smutty ones.

My husband and I joke sometimes about my “fictional husbands and lovers.” My step-kids (teens) know that my husband is the best-looking man to me and only one other rivals him: Solas.

Solas is my favourite character from the Dragon Age video games franchise. He is an elf, a complex character with angst and a lore-heavy backstory, and as far as video game characters go, looks like my husband.

I’ve speculated in the past which characters I would date if I existed in those realms and if I were single and my husband was not in those realms with me. Some of them, yes, some of them, no.

But I never thought about if any of those characters were ever to appear in our realm, our world. Would I be tempted to be intimate with them then?

My husband one day asked me, out of the blue:

“If Solas appeared in our world, appeared here, would you sleep with him? Would you cheat on me with him?”

I was a little taken aback, I’m not gonna lie, and I did ask him, “Where is this coming from?”

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