The Lonely Verse – Sad Poem — Sad Love — Mournful Poem

While my poems thus far have typically been more extensive, today’s is a bit different. Due to a lack of “spoons” (a.k.a. energy), I find myself emotionally drained. There are some things going on that are affecting me in a negative way.

I feel bad, I feel sad.

The other person whom this also affects understands how I feel. We are both doing our best to navigate this new challenge we both find ourselves in. We do know that no matter what, we love each other and we want to figure out a solution. It’s just that long hours of work, fatigue, stress, and anxiety are affecting us both.

As a result, I feel alone and neglected.

Guilty for having so many needs.

I thought about putting these feelings into poem form. The only thing I was able to put together was one verse. But that one verse feels so complete in and of itself. It describes the emotions well. Perhaps it doesn’t need more to it.

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