I Dated A Guy Who Looked Like My Brother – And Had the Same Name

Okay, so, Freudian moment here.

Technically, he looked nothing like my brother (according to me). But rudimentarily, if you went by simple description alone…

Tall, blue eyes, blond hair, glasses and a cap. And younger than me.


He’s also a Verb!

As dubbed by my sister after my mother turned his name into a verb.

She literally said to me, “So after supper, you’re going [insert guy’s name]-ing.” Very matter-of-factly, very conclusively. And I just said, “yeah.”

This guy was THRILLED to be made a verb. Seriously, he still brags about it today, that he’s the only guy I dated my mother turned into a verb and that no one else has ever turned him into a verb either.

Who was he?

He was and still is a friend. At the time, when we were both in our early twenties, he was the best friend of the guy I was dating until they fell out (before I dated him). When the guy I was dating dumped me, The Verb was my rebound. I was his rebound too, and we were what we needed from each other for a few months there.

My brother still sometimes teases me that I dated a guy who matches his description and had the same name.

What can I say? They say you’ll date someone who’s like your mother or father or like a grandparent. I suppose you’ll date someone like your siblings, too.🤷‍♀️

How Did It Happen?

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