The Vacation Resort To Fall In Love With – Fiction Exploration of a Planet

The Telasarian Bay is the only bay of the single-most largest continent of the planet Telasar.

Telasar is a water planet with one single continent that spans nearly an entire hemisphere, with multiple small islands off the coasts of the Telasarian Bay. The Bay is nearly as large as the continent itself, which makes for rich waters with rich sea life.

The planet’s revolution around its sun allows for 300 days in a year. Its rotation is slow, however, thus half the continent is bathed in night nearly half the year while the other is bathed in sunlight.

Telasar wasn’t always a water planet, however. It was once merely the planet Tella, a gas giant with its own gravitational pull. Its only moon, Asar, was a water moon, teeming with life. It was nearly as large as the planet itself, and perhaps had been one previously but had been pulled into Tella’s gravity field.

Several millennia ago, Tella’s gases began to heat up and erupt, causing an increase in gravitation. Asar was pulled towards Tella and crashed into the planet. The cold waters and heating gases clashed, causing many changes to the planet as it underwent intense temperature drops within several hundred years.

Eventually, land formed as a result of moving plates, remains from Asar, many say, and the waters calmed, creating the single continent and the immense Telasarian Bay that spanned half the planet with its single continent.

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