She Wanted To Beat Me Up So Badly Her Boyfriend Had To Restrain Her – A High School Anecdote

There are three reasons why she wanted to beat me up:

  • I had spoken to her boyfriend
  • Her friend and my friend hated each other
  • My friend and I were talking in English
  • Oh, and 4th reason, apparently we were in her park

Just another weekend in High School

It was a nice warm day and my friend V and I opted to go to the park to rehearse her oral presentation for English class.

When we got there, we saw that an old-friend-become-enemy of V’s was there with a friend. V and her ex-friend had had a fight after going to different high schools.

Two guys were playing basketball by the hoops nearby where V and I sat on a small grassy hill, and they waved at us, so we waved back. One of them approached us, looking right at me, and asked if we wanted to join their game. The other joked that their girlfriends were too busy doing their nails in the park to play with them. We thanked them but politely declined, explaining we were there to rehearse English oral presentations.

“If you change your mind, just give us a shout.” The first one said and he winked at me.

These guys were shirtless and sweaty and had taut muscles. V and I had a very nice view.

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