My Favorite Step-Child Is… – Anecdotal Story About Raising and Caring for Two Step-Children

She was jokingly giving me attitude. So I taunted back and said, “Fine then, you’re not my favorite anymore.” Her brother, in sympathy, began with an “aw”, then realized what this implied and finished with “Hey!” And we all laughed. They knew I was just teasing.

Robert Ralphchallenged me to write about my favorite child.

I have two step-children, both of them teenagers now who work part-time close to where they live with their mother, so we don’t see them as much as we used to, which used to be 50–50 when they were little.

We just spent several days with them and I told them about this story challenge. We recalled the time I recounted above.

In actuality, they both know they are my favorites and sometimes alternate, as in, each one is my favorite at the current time when they are, for example, doing the dishes. But for real, though, I love both my stepson and my stepdaughter, but it wasn’t instant. It took a while to get here.

As an aside, I have a Discord group with them where I gave us all nicknames. I’m Grand Master, my stepson is Acolyte, and my stepdaughter is Padawan. Thus, those will be the same moving forward.

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