Sanguine Sincerity – Romance Action Short Story

The silence was both terrifying and soothing at the same time. Liam closed his eyes and leaned against the brick wall as he stood outside the club. He had the closing shift again. It had been busy, with people dancing, shouting, laughing, all drunkenly. Now, the stillness of the winter night dampened whatever sounds came from the boulevard a few streets down.

This was where he had often stood with Julian after their work shifts, talking, laughing, kissing, and making plans for their future together. But Julian was gone, left one night before dawn, without a word, without an explanation. Only a scribble on a post-it saying, “I have to leave. I’m sorry.”

It hurt, it still did, even after all these weeks. And Julian had never called or answered Liam’s calls after that night. Liam didn’t understand why he’d left. He thought they’d been happy.

He had once relished in the quiet after the bustle of work, now he missed hearing Julian’s voice or seeing his smile. His heart broke every day again and again. Yet he continued to stand here in the spot where they had shared their first kiss, where he had told Julian he was in love with him.

After months together he had known he loved him and he’d told him. Julian had immediately reciprocated but then left a few days later. Liam couldn’t help but wonder if things had moved too fast between them.

Taking a deep breath, he ensured the club was well locked and began down the dark alley. He didn’t want to linger too long. There had been murders in the neighbourhood, all gunshot wounds. The rival gangs were at it again. It hadn’t stopped the clubgoers, though. Liam figured it was only a matter of time before both gangs decided they wanted to own the club and took their fight to the neighbouring streets.

Liam heard the screech of tires and shouting not too far. He paused, waiting to make sure it was just some drunk folks, but he tensed when he heard a gunshot thunder the stillness.

Looks like the gang fight’s here now, he thought to himself.

He quickened his pace and veered the corner into the next alley and came face to face with the man who had left him.

‘Julian!’ Liam breathed. He swallowed hard, his heart suddenly drumming in his chest.

‘Liam.’ Julian hesitated.

Liam was flooded by a wave of emotions. ‘What the hell, Julian?’ he shouted, tears stinging his eyes.

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