I Was Grinding Up Against Him! But I’ll Never Know What He Said To Me!

I was an extra for a local show, called Minuit Le Soir. It was a mature show about folks running a nightclub. My role, along with tons of other extras, was to be a partygoer dancing at the club.

It was strange to do these scenes in the day, make it look like night, and be huddled on one side to make it look more packed than it actually was.

One of the actors, Danny Gilmore, was one helluva hunk. He had played a Polish character in a series when he’d been a bit younger and I remembered him well. His character in this show was a guy with large braces whose metal stuck out far. You know, the kind that is partly outside the mouth.

Even with that contraption he was hot.

He wasn’t in every scene, but I had my eye on him in every scene I was in.

I made a few friends there — well, friends for the day. We were all dressed for clubbing, and danced together, some of us showing moves to others, trying different moves. As the scenes progressed, I gained confidence in my club dancing skills.

I saw him looking my way from off-camera, smiling.

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